Becker's Sons Rotterdam Vintage Scale

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Becker's Sons Rotterdam Vintage Scale

Mr. Christopher Becker started in the ‘scale making’ business in the Netherlands, moving with his wife and 2 sons to the U.S. in 1854-55, the family then moved back to Holland after the start of the U.S. Civil War. After the end of the Civil War, the Becker’s moved back to the U.S. while 2 other sons started the business called Becker's Sons in Rotterdam.

This is a finely made scale housed inside a glass case with a wood frame and pull out drawer. There is a glass unit with sliding window on front side as well as the back for accessing the precision scale. This scale’s fine quality exemplifies the European made styling model.

Dimensions: Approx. 19.5" x 18.5" x 10"

Note: This scale in case shows signs of wear & tear due to its history. There is a missing piece on one of the legs. The drawer on the front is missing the knob. A piece of wood has been broken off to the right of the case. Minor cosmetic flaws to the interior and exterior, such as dents, scuffs, and dings.

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