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1923 $1 Dollar Silver Certificate

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The 1923 $1 Silver Certificate, like all U.S. currency printed before 1928, was nicknamed a "Horseblanket" as it is nearly one-third larger than bills printed today. 

The obverse of this series 1923 bill showcases the familiar portrait of George Washington, along with a blue Treasury Seal and serial number. These $1 Silver Certificates were backed by Silver held in the U.S. Treasury, so you could walk into any bank and redeem them for actual silver dollars up until 1964. Today, these obsolete bills are quite scarce. 

Sold ungraded, inspect photo for condition. The pictured bill is the one you will receive. Ships in a protective plastic sleeve.

There are two bills available serials X79205677D, N64844652D, & A59877612D. Please choose the one you want! 

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