1500's Japanese Katana

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This is a genuine Japanese katana hand forged in the 16th century. The blade has been honed and sharpened, with contemporary cord wrap and ray skin for the handle. The blade is not signed.

A Japanese sword is one of several types of traditionally made swords from Japan. Japanese Swords are made of excellent-quality steel that is repeatedly heated, hammered and folded. The repetition of the process ensures the removal of all air bubbles which left untreated could weaken the blade.

This sword has been personally inspected and authenticated by America's leading Japanese sword expert and "Pawn Stars" talent, Mike Yamasaki.

Includes COA from Mr. Yamasaki and Rick Harrison.


Full Length: Approx. 41.5”

Blade: Approx. 31”

Condition Report: This sword has some cosmetic flaws, typical for items of this age. Scabbard shows signs of wear and cracking of the finish.


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