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1198-1219 Armenia Tram Levon I NGC

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Armenian "Tram Levon" coin from 1198-1219. Coin has been certified, encapsulated and graded by NGC.

Obverse: King seated on a throne ornamented with lions, his feet resting on a footstool, wearing a crown and royal mantle on his shoulders. He holds a cross in his right hand and fleur-de-lis in his left hand. Lettering: ԼԵԻ[Ո]Ն ԹԱԳԱԻՈՐ ՀԱՅՈՑ. Translation: Levon King of the Armenians

Reverse: Long cross with two bars, between two lions regardant. Lettering: ԿԱՐՈՂՈՒԹԲՆ ԱՍՏՈԻԾՈ[Յ]. Translation: By the will of God

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