Gold & Silver Pawn 35th Anniversary Giveaway

We are celebrating our 35th anniversary and want you to join us! A lucky 35 fans will receive a FREE 35th anniversary t-shirt and hand signed cast photo. Want to enter? Here's how...

1.) Take your photo in front of the Old Man's Imperial parked in front of Pawn Plaza, right below the "When I See You Again" mural.

2.) Post your photo to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #GoldandSilver35 and follow our FB account @gspawnshop or Instagram @goldandsilver_pawnshop 

3.) That's It! Enjoy new episodes of "Pawn Stars Do America" and "Pawn Stars" while we review the photos and choose the winners.

Winners will be contacted on the platform for their shirt size and address, we will cover all shipping costs to get your shirt to you! Participants in the UK, EU, Canada and Mexico are welcome too!

Thank you for an amazing 35 years!!!

-The Harrison Family and Gold & Silver Pawn Staff