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Dragon Ball Kai Broly Figurine

Dragon Ball Kai Broly Figurine

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Released on December 13, 2011, the Ichiban Kuji Strongest Rival series figures were designed to correspond with the most recent Kai series releases. The box art is very unique for these figures, having a mixture of green neon highlights and a black surrounding fused into a menagerie of vivid light. The box art on the back depicts the Broly figure in a light green tone, the entire box having the same green tint running across the box art. This Broly figure is depicted with tremendous detail, specifically in terms of Broly’s mass and incorporating a ferocious rage into every court of muscle on this massive Saiyan freak. Again, Broly appears in his Super Saiyan form with extreme ferocity and both arms lifted in a position of charging his deadly aura. If you are a Dragon Ball fan, this well detailed figurine of Broly will not disappoint.


Figurine: Approximately 11.5" X 9" X 4"


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