Andy Rosen - Brighton Beach 1979

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This is a rare opportunity to own a fantastic piece of art that is also a bona fide piece of Vegas history! This artwork was originally part of the HARD ROCK HOTEL AND CASINO's Collection. It hung in the hotel for over a decade before being returned to the artist after the recent sale and closure of the iconic property. "Pawn Stars" rock memorabilia expert Warwick Stone curated the items displayed in Hard Rock properties including these artworks, he approached us with this opportunity once the closures were announced. This is a limited edition of 25 pieces of fine art photography and we have been contracted as the exclusive agent for their sale. Each includes COA from Rick Harrison.

This piece of rock and roll photography was taken by Andy Rosen for the London punk band The Jam, "Setting Sons" album back cover. Rosen grew up in the London punk scene making his name as a photographer for many acts that would go on to worldwide fame, most notably the Sex Pistols and The Clash. Rosen later founded The Underground a prominent video, film, advertising and music company based in LA during the late 80's. His company would create music videos for many of the top bands of the era including Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dr. Dre, David Bowie, Metallica and more.

This is wonderful piece is already framed and will make a wonderful decoration piece for any large space. The work is framed in a contemporary white molding, please note these are the original frames and acrylic from the Hard Rock Hotel so some wear is to be expected, we will touch up the frames to the best of our ability but these are sold in as-is condition. Please contact us for options and a quote if you would like your choice of a new frame.

Dimensions: 68" x 48"

Andy Rosen's recollection of the photo shoot...

"The main thing I remember is that the dog got paid more than I did! Robin Richards, the art director and I had booked a handsome British Bull Dog for the day and a few friends to help out. We arranged to meet at my place on Castle Rd, Kentish Town early Sunday morning. The dog never showed up. This was before cell phones so we couldn't ring them or text. We had no house phone either. After waiting for two hours, we decided to try and find another dog. Not so easy on a Sunday morning. But a friend of a friend had a friend who had a Bull Dog. We rushed to a call box and woke them up. I explained the situation. All was cool, except for one tiny detail the dog was not a bulldog. It was a boxer. It would be a bit like if you replaced the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lion with a tiger. Not the same deal but we had to roll with it. We also had to pay the owner a ridiculous fee to get him out of bed for an away day to Brighton at such short notice. To this day many people have no idea it's a Boxer. They just assume it is because it fits the iconic reference we set out to capture with Brighton Beach and a Bulldog. If you check it out though it definitely looks like a Boxer… once you know."

"This was just one of many setbacks that day. When we finally arrived in Brighton, the first thing we had to do was staple the Union Jack we had silkscreen-printed to the public deckchair. The moment the dog hit the beach, it was off. The next hour was spent chasing it down. This was going to be a problem as we needed the dog to sit still in an exact position on the beach. In the end, after many attempts, we got some rope and tied him down so he couldn't runoff. We also had to hide it under the pebbles. If you look carefully, you can see a tiny bit of rope hanging from his neck. After a few hours, the dog went on strike and refused to stand up. So we called it a day and began to pack up our stuff. As we ripped the Union Jack off the deck chair an angry snotty-nosed policeman appeared. To cut a long story short, we got done for defacing public property for stapling a Union Jack to a weather-beaten deckchair. Go figure. But in the punk days, the young and rebellious were treated like terrorists. Any chance the establishment had to knock us, they took with pride. All ended well in the end. The image has over the years become an iconic and recognized image, evoking memories of the Jam and of England, a time gone by."

-Andy Rosen

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