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Dr. Seuss I am a Woolery

Dr. Seuss "I am a Woolery"


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Product Description

Dr. Seuss I am a Woolery 

Charcoal on Paper


Dr. Seuss "I Am A Woolery" Gag Original Illustration (UPA, 1951). Adrian ("Ade") Woolery was the production manager for UPA when the Academy Award winning short Gerald McBoing Boing came out. In the book Dr. Seuss and Mr. Geisel (Random House 1995) it states "With his wartime colleague PD Eastman, (Ted Geisel) had joined a new animation Studio called United Productions of America (UPA). Eastman told Seuss, all cartoons being made are obsolete. He told Ted over lunch, mice keep outsmarting cats, and rabbits are always faster than foxes. He went on to say, UPA has a fresh outlook, you must have a story for us? Ted did, just suppose there was a little kid who didn't speak words, but only sounds? The story of Gerald Mc Boing Boing brought him a check for $500 from UPA. Ted was so fascinated that he went to the studio each week to see how animation artists were bringing his characters to life. Gerald brought UPA an Academy Award for the best cartoon of 1951. Doctor Seuss (Ted Geisel) said "I did this drawing while at the studio for Ade Woolery." He wrote in a cartoon bubble. "I am a Woolery!" It is done on 12-field animation paper. There are pinholes in the top where it was probably tacked up for office display. The very Seuss-like character is done in graphite and stands 6" tall.

Condition: Good condition. Item is sold AS IS per terms and conditions.

Image Dimensions: 10" x 12 1/2"

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Rick Harrison. We will also consider requests for dedications and autographs from the “Pawn Stars,” just let us know in your message when you press “Add to Cart”!

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