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Mark Hall-Patton Autographed T-Shirt (White)

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Mark Hall-Patton Autographed T-Shirt (White)

One of our fan's favorite experts now has his own shirt! Mark Hall-Patton, AKA "the Beard of Knowledge," was the Administrator for the Clark County Museum for over fourteen years and is "Pawn Stars" go to expert when it comes to American history. . Every shirt will be hand signed by Mark Hall-Patton!

Mark's beard is not the only thing that makes him stand out from the other experts, Mark is the only expert who will not provide values for the items he examines. Though some have theorized why, the answer is quite simple, Mark did not want people making a trip to the museum just to ask what an item is worth, drawing attention away from the educational focus of the museum. Like all of our experts "the Beard of knowledge" was never paid for his work on Pawn Stars. His motivation for appearing on the show was always to advance the Clark County Museum’s mission to preserve Southern Nevada’s history and culture. With over 50,000 people visiting the museum each year, the Beard of Knowledge was very successful in his quest to promote the Museum.

Upon announcement of Mark's retirement from the museum Clark County declared Tuesday May 4, 2021 as Mark Hall-Patton Day. While not as cool as the man, this Mark Hall-Patton Shirt was made in Mark’s image to honor his commitment to the community. His devotion to history, the Clark County Museum, and Pawn Stars is unparalleled, and we hope this limited edition shirt properly represents the knowledge he has shared with all of us.

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