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Camarasaurus Dinosaur Leg Fossil

Camarasaurus Dinosaur Leg Fossil


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Product Description

Camarasaurus Dinosaur Leg Fossil with Display

  • A Jurassic sized centerpiece this Camarasaurus fossilized leg stands over 6' tall! The Camarasaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur that lived in modern day Colorado and Utah during the Jurassic period. It likely traveled in herds and could reach a maximum length of 75ft and weigh up to 47 tons!
  • This is the front leg of a juvenile, and all the large pieces are original bone. As is common with many of these pieces available for retail sales small bones such as some of the toes have been cast to complete the piece. Includes a sturdy steel frame to support the piece and it creates quite the stunning display when fully assembled.
  • The Camarasaurus was first discovered in Colorado in the year 1877 by Oramel W. Lucas. The piece was quickly purchased by Edward Drinker Cope who was embroiled in quite the bitter feud with competing Paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh, a spat that earned the title "The Bone Wars."
  • Cope wasted no time and named the new discovery within a year. Not to be outdone, Marsh later discovered and named the Morosaurus grandis, but most paleontologists now consider them to be a species of Camarasaurus. Such naming conflicts were common between the two rival dinosaur hunters, each eager to claim the newest discovery, the most famous of which being Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus.
  • It was not until 1925 that a complete skeleton of Camarasaurus was described, by Charles W. Gilmore. However, because it was the skeleton from a young Camarasaurus, many illustrations from the time show the dinosaur to be much smaller than it is now known to be.

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