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Antique Patent Model U.S. Flag Press

Antique Patent Model U.S. Flag Press


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Product Description

Antique Patent Model U.S. Flag Press

 As Seen on "Pawn Stars," Season 15; Episode 19 - "President's Day Sale"

A unique piece combining American patriotism and ingenuity, this is the patent model for a device used to dye the stripes on "Old Glory." Before 1865, flags were made by sewing strips of red, white and blue bunting together and then stitching the white stars onto the blue field.  In addition to being labor intensive the bunting was commonly obtained from Britain making the process quite unappealing to 19th century Americans. Cue DeWitt C. Farrington, who developed a huge break through in flag production when he invented a new process known as clamp dyeing. In the clamp dyeing process, the bunting “is first woven like the old, but in dyeing the stripes, stars, or other designs are colored in the piece so that no sewing is necessary,” a Scientific American magazine article reported in 1869.

 In that same year, nearly all American flags were made using American-made bunting and the new method of flag-making. Scientific American lamented that American flags when made of English bunting, “our national banner was a humiliating witness to our dependence upon the industry of other nations.” However with the clamp dyeing process, “Now the American flag may be made of American wool by American labor, and ‘long may it wave’ over a land independent in deed as well as in name.”

The patent plaque reads “DeWitt C. Farrington’s Improved Apparatus for Press-dyeing Stripes for Flags.”

Also includes the original patent tag that states “D.C. Farrington Apps for Press - Dyeing Stripes for Flags. Patented Mar, 12th 1872.”
− Patent No. 124,427

Approximately 7 inches high and 12 inches long

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