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AD 253-275 BI Double-Denarius Roman Empire - South Petherton Hoard Obverse

AD 253-275 BI Double-Denarius Roman Empire - South Petherton Hoard



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AD 253-275 BI Double-Denarius Roman Empire - South Petherton Hoard 

In the fall of 2013, a novice treasure hunter unearthed the discovery of a lifetime. Buried in a field in South Petherton, England was a hoard of ancient Roman Coins dating from the third-century! This valuable collection, which includes issues from Gallienus, Postumus, and Victorinus, was examined by the British Museumand then released to private collectors. The crisis of the Third-Century (AD 235-284) was a period in which the great Roman Empire nearly collapsed. By AD 268, the empire had split into three competing states: the Gallic Empire (Gaul, Britannia, and Hispania), the Palmyrene Empire (Syria, Palestine, and Aegyptus), and the Italian-centered Roman Empire proper. Because of its distance from the capital city of Rome, and its protection via the English Channel, Britannia, or Roman Britain, was a Gallic stronghold during the otherwise chaotic and divided Roman Empire of the third-century. Some believe this hoard was buried by an officer garrisoned in Britannia after the defeat of the last Gallic Emperor to Aurelian in AD 274.

This coin is made from Billon or 'Potin' (heavily debased silver), denoted by the BI next to its denomination.

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