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2019 P S$1 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary .999 Fine Silver PF70 UC ER Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Capsule Obverse

2019 P S$1 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary .999 Fine Silver PF70 UC ER Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

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Product Description

2019 P S$1 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary .999 Fine Silver MS70 ER Astronaut Scholarship Foundation 

In the summer of 1969, the United States space agency known as NASA achieved a decade-long goal it had sought: landing a man on the moon and returning him to Earth. Fulfilling a promise laid out by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin went to the moon and back. The 2019 $1 American Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Silver Coin celebrates the 50th anniversary of this incredible feat and giant leap forward in the history of mankind.

The coin bears a face value of $1 guaranteed by the United States federal government. It contains .8595 Troy ounces of .999 pure silver.

Apollo 11 was an eight-day mission that sent three men from NASA to the moon and returned them safely to planet Earth. The astronauts took off from Merritt Island, Florida, on July 16, 1969. The crew included command module pilot Michael Collins, lunar lander pilot Buzz Aldrin, and mission commander Neil Armstrong.

On the obverse of the 2019 $1 Proof American Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Silver Coin is the image of an astronauts footprint on the surface of the moon. The words Mercury, Gemini, Apollo are engraved along the top rim with the four main phases of the moon depicted. Other engravings include In God We Trust, Liberty, and the W mint mark of the West Point Mint.

The reverse side of 2019 Proof American Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Silver Coins features the image of Neil Armstrong, the lunar lander nicknamed Eagle, and the American flag all reflected in the visor of Buzz Aldrin. This design is based on an actual photograph of the same visual taken on the surface of the moon in July 1969.

These Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Coins from the US Mint are curved specimens. The obverse side has a concave, sunken surface, while the reverse features a convex, domed surface.


This coin's sales benefit the astronaut scholarship foundation. The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's mission is to aid the United States in retaining its world leadership in technology and innovation by supporting the very best and brightest scholars in science, technology, engineering and mathematics while commemorating the legacy of America’s pioneering astronauts.


Proof coins differ from mint state coins through the process through which they are created. Mint state coins are struck using the same process as everyday currency, while proof coins are struck using a highly polished planchet. This gives proof coins a mirrored background with a frosted foreground. Mint state coins have the same matte finish as circulated currency, albeit without the wear and flaws.

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