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2017 Magnificent Life Cobra Coin thumbnail

2017 Magnificent Life Cobra Coin


SKU: 900105244

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Product Description

2017 Magnificent Life Cobra Coin 

  • You've probably seen this on some episodes on Pawn Stars!
  • The Magnificent Life Collection is perfect for nature lovers & in the 3rd year of the series it featured an incredibly venomous Indian cobra
  • This series was limited to only 999 issues by Cook Islands
  • Easily recognizable as beautiful & extremely dangerous, the snake spreads its hood as a defense mechanism and flicks its forked tongue out at you!
  • The flick of the tongue may freak you out but it's really just a way for snakes to gather more information about their surroundings
  • Its hood includes elements of black, white & blue while the rest of its skin has some shades of orange
  • Quickly glancing at this stunning design makes it appear as though the cobra is ready to strike the coin holder!

Country: The Cook Islands

Year: 2017

Face Value: 5 Dollars

Metal: Silver .999

Weight: 1 oz

Size: 38.61 mm

Quality: Proof

Mintage: 999

Technique: Smartminting

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