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1965 Rickenbacker 450 12 String Guitar (thumbnail)

1965 Rickenbacker 450 12 String Guitar

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Product Description

1965 Rickenbacker 450 12 string guitar
This item was featured on the Season 18 Episode 16 of “Pawn Stars” titled "Pawn Stars and Movie Stars"

The Rickenbacker International Corporation (RIC) was founded in 1931 by Adolph Rickenbacker and George D. Beauchamp. The company grew out of the L.A.-based Electro String Instrument Corporation, whose sole purpose was creating and manufacturing fully electric musical instruments. Among Rickenbacker’s most notable early standard guitars was the Model B Spanish. It had a detachable neck and eliminated the feedback common to hollow-body guitars, improvements that led to the fully realized Fender and Gibson solid bodies of 1952. The 360/12 was introduced in 1963. Its revolutionary design was a 12- string semi-hollow electric made popular by George Harrison of The Beatles. Many say The Beatles were responsible for the popularity of Rickenbacker in the 1960s. George had the 360/12, John had his 325, and Paul used a 4001 bass. Many other artists have played Rickenbacker guitars and used them to help create their sound including The Who, The Byrds, Tom Petty, R.E.M, and The Smiths.

We believe this item to be a 1965 Rickenbacker 450-12 with a Jetglo finish with an original hard-shell case. The Rickenbacker 400 series was first introduced in 1956. The line was an attempt to create a quality project at a lower price. They were solid-body guitars that featured a tulip-shaped body and neck-through-body design. The specifications and designs of these instruments did vary over the production. The 450/12 was the 12- string version of the 450. Model 450 first appeared in 1964 but was first listed in 1965. The company dropped it in 1985.

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