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1950's RC Cola Cooler


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Product Description

1950's RC Cola Cooler

  • Bring the fun and flavor of 1950's Americana to your home with this completely restored 1950's RC Cola Model A-55 Cooler!
  • This item has been meticulously restored to it's original operating condition by Rick's Restorations. The coin collector & soda dispenser are working perfectly
  • A brand new cooling unit has been installed and the cooler has a brand new yellow paint job just for you!
  • The front reads in raised letters "Drink Royal Crown Cola Best by taste-test" and the side reads "NEHI beverages." (We will also ship this item with a complimentary case of Chumlee Root Beer as seen on the show)



RC Cola was originally created by a young pharmacist named Claud Hatcher who was unhappy with the commission he was receiving on his sales of Coca-Cola at his family's grocery store. Vowing to create his own brand he began producing and bottling his own soda in the basement of the family store christening the new brand Chero-Cola Co.

The company grew quickly and it wasn't long before the Coca-Cola lawyers came knocking, suing Hatcher for the use of the term "Cola," which they claimed was trademarked. The legal battle raged for years with courts initially finding for Coca-Cola.

Hatcher was forced to rename his company to "Nehi" chosen from their line of popular fruit drinks of the same name. Hatcher passed in 1933 and control of the company passed to the VP H.R. Mott who changed the original formula and renamed the company "Royal Crown."

Success followed quickly with RC cola becoming the third most popular cola in the US. In 1944 the courts finally ruled that Coca-Cola did not own the right to the term "cola" allowing them to take on the name we have all come to know, "RC Cola."

RC Cola though overshadowed by the big name drink makers was a pioneer in many aspects of the soda industry. They were the first to use the aluminum soda can, first to offer a diet cola and first to formulate a caffeine free cola. The storied company was acquired by Cadbury Schweppes in 2000 and is now part of the Dr. Pepper Snapple group.

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Includes "As seen on Pawn Stars" Certificate of Authenticity and a hand signed photo from a cast member 

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