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1479 Signed Bishu Osafune Sword Katana Thumbnail

1479 Signed Bishu Osafune Sword Katana


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Product Description

 Master Signed Japanese Katana Sword

Master Signed Bishu Osafune Norimitsu from 1479. Classic example of swords used in battles during Sengoku Era in the 1400s-1500s.

Normitsu dated Bunmei Ju Nenhachi Gatsu Hi. Norimistsu was one of the most prolific sword makers during his time. He along with Sukesada were sought after by great warriors for their blades of great sharpness.The signature of this blade is absolutely genuine and can be certified in Japan if needed. The tang is in completely original condition.

This katana is the representative example among works by the finest sword smiths in Osafune Bizen school in earlier period of Muromachi age.


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