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138-129 BC AR Tetradrachm Seleucid Kingdom - Antiochus VII Hoard Obverse

138-129 BC AR Tetradrachm AU Seleucid Kingdom - Antiochus VII Hoard



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Product Description

138-129 BC AR Tetradrachm Seleucid Kingdom - Antiochus VII Hoard 

Antiochus VII was the last Seleucid king of any stature. The brother of Demetrius II, Antiochus VII was elevated after Demetrius' capture by the Parthians. He married Cleopatra Thea, who had been the wife of Demetrius. Antiochus VII defeated Tryphon and throughout his reign was able to secure much of what belonged to his Seleucid forefathers. One of Antiochus’ charges led to laying siege to Jerusalem. Under his reign a decree was issued to Simon the High Priest that was recorded in the Bible in the First Book of Maccabees 15:6-7 as follows:

And I give thee leave to coin thy own money in thy country. And let Jerusalem be holy and free…..

Antiochus rejected cries to exterminate the Jews, opting to allow for religious autonomy instead. This was considered a turning point in Jewish independence. Antiochus VII died around 129 B.C. in battle against the Parthians. Besides the obvious historical importance, these coins were hand struck and are mostly high relief and excellent examples of Hellenistic art. No two coins are exactly alike. Each coin has been certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and comes housed in a museum grade holder to preserve the historical significance of each silver piece.

This coin is made from Silver (ranging from high purity to 25% pure), denoted by the AR next to its denomination.

This coin is in AU (Almost Uncirculated) condition.

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