Who’s Your Favorite Pawn Star?

We get tons of comments here on the website and even a bunch of phone calls everyday with people telling us how much they love Rick or Chum or Corey and especially the Old Man.  But we want to know who do you love the most?  Is it Rick, haggeling out a good deal?  How about the Old Man trying to understand Facebook and keeping Corey in line?  Is it Chum, goofing off in the warehouse?  How about Corey, always trying to one up Rick with the better buy?

Who’s your favorite?!



    • Chum is no bum He be da man, Big Hoss lol who taught him to shake hands not his daddy or gramps it looks as if he’s throwing it in from right field. LOL Rick is cool and the Old man gotta love his smart a$$ attitude.

    • no one is better than chumleee…he is the man…the best of the best…wouldnt watch pawn stars if he was not in it….he should get paid more…chumlee…chumlee…chumlee

  2. Chumley! He’s hilarious ! Rick so knowledgeable ! Old man’s a legend. !

  3. I like everybody from pawn shopbut the best is definitely the old man and chumlee

  4. THE BEST of all is Chum lee, because he is the pepper in the food, arriba Mexico Caones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chum is the best! He is not that much interested in money like other guys.

  6. Fav is Olivia, Old man #2

  7. Like all but my favor is Corey and Chumlee….The old man tickles me to death.love the show never miss it

  8. Way to go Chum, if it’s from the director or the direction the show is heading, you are a cool dude! and you people who think that chum is a little dumb, he is an excellent reality star and a enjoyment to watch with is greath sense of humor and wit.”keep ere going Mikey”

  9. Love Chumlee :) WOuld love to viit the store if I ev er get to Vegas :)

  10. I love chumlee but the old man is so funny!

  11. I love the Old man. I had business in my life with my kids…
    He is so typical of people of my age. 2. he is so cool.
    He knows his business. He is probably a reel good grand-pa.
    Love life to you. keep going..forget Face book you have a fan club in Canada.

  12. Hello,

    Chumlee has to be everyone’s favourite pawn star because he does the most funniest things I pretty much watch pawn stars just for chumlee he is my idol, I would really appriciate and it would make my day if u guys could personally send me an email back. Sincerely Connor Cassidy.

    Thanks so much.

  13. Rick you always surprise me with you wide and varied supply of facts. Be safe out on the range with you cannons and guns.

  14. For me it’s a tie between Rick & Corey. We are going to Vegas in April & I hope to catch them at the store when we stop by. I may even take a little something along to see if they’d be interested in buying it.

  15. Love chumlee.

  16. Corey is my favorite. Not sure if it’s been done yet but if not GIVE HIM HIS PARTNERSHIP!
    Other than that your show inspires me to learn more about old merchandise.

  17. Love your show. In Afrikaans we will say Ons hou van die TV program. All the way from South Africa where the lions walk in the streets… LOL

    Thank you your guys make me laugh a lot.


  18. Think you are all great but love Rick (and Chum of course)

  19. Rick, Rick, Rick:))

  20. I love them all but my favorite is the old man, he make me laugh all the time. I love the show I never miss it.

  21. I love everyone,but Rick is my favorite.
    Greetings from Belgium

  22. I like Chumlee. He is great and very funny.

  23. I’d have to saw its a split between the Old Man and Rick. They are both hilarious when it comes to their seriousness to comedy when they get going. We’re going to be in Vegas mid-March and were planning on stopping in the store. I’m looking forward to meeting all of them and checking out the store for a souvenir.

  24. chan,the big chan ,congratulations from spain,i like paw and silver,,elmaletero2-0.com,if you want some of my antics, and football stickers as Maradona at the club, contact us, greetings! encantais and me

  25. Honestly all of you are awesome in your own way. I couldn’t pick just one of you to say is my favorite. All of you seem like people that would be great to have as friends and family. Rock on Pawn Stars! – From Indy, IN

  26. love the show the whole crew are fantasic, im from australia and ill be coming to ur store in october so will see you then

  27. Hard to pick a favorite, they all make the show so much fun to watch! Huge fan,

  28. my favor is Rick

  29. I’d have to say that Rick is my favorite of all time, but Old Man is awesome and corey and chum are stupid as hell, but funny as well.

  30. The Old Man is! He’s like my father and he’s so cool!

  31. You are all fantastic, but Rick is brilliant for his professionalism, his fantastic sense of humor and patience, especially with Chum lee. You are an example of honesty in a business so difficult. Thanks for the good times that you offer us, from Spain.

  32. Contento me pongo cuando regañan a chomlee

  33. Mi pawn Star favorito es Rick con su habilidad para negociar cada vez me sorprende. Saludos desde Venezuela.

  34. love you all my favor, is Rick great show! : )

  35. ALL of them are great, but I like the old man for his sour wit and Corey, of course, is a laugh and a half.

  36. #1 CHUMMLEE! #2 OLD MAN

  37. I love the Old Man for his sauciness and candor..He knows how to keep the team on their toes but I also <3 Chumlee because he's smarter then everyone believes him to be and has left the team amazed by his knowledge on more then one occasion which is fawkin AWESOME..Plus he's loads of fun and makes me laugh..Rock on Chum!!!!

  38. Chumlee is my favorite one on the show, then the Old Man, Rick and Corey last. I never miss the show.

  39. Everyone is great & has their moments. My favorite is when chumlee gets caught doing something dumb or someone gets mad at him. Keep the antics & competitions coming!

  40. CHUMLEE!!! and love the jokes the guys play on him- bless his heart!!

  41. My favorite is Rick. I love to hear him laugh. The old man is quite a character and I like when he gets onto Rick.

  42. Obviously “il vecchio” (italian translation of “old man”)

  43. I love them all, they all bounce of each other..
    I live in the uk, i have watched many shows i like the mix of humour & knowledge from all of them.. hope more shows are due to come to the uk.
    Love from Bev xx

  44. Like all but my favor is Corey and Chum-lee….The old man tickles me to death.love the show never miss it just kidding

    In 1983 i went to visit my mother she boat me a gold chain 18 kg and and 21 kg Jesus total of 1 ounce how mach do you buy this gold.

    Thank you

    George Marshal

  45. Chumley is my favorite

  46. it is hard to choose. the Old Man makes me laugh and when he opens his eyes wide that is a treat. why? who knows. i think he and Rick are not so nice to Corey. I feel bad for him but I like it. they can’t pull a fast one on them.
    Rick- now rick i love his eys and his voice. His laugh, makes me smile
    Corey- you have more hair then your father. very nice looking hair.
    Chumlee- you are such a flirt! makes me giggle.
    over all I like them all… can’t decide who my favorite is but I guess I would pick-Rick…no wait… the Old Man… no Rick… see I just can’t decide.
    love the show.

    • Chum. He’s the man and the star of the show.

  47. Rick is my favorite!!!! He’s funny, his laugh is awesome and he has very nice eyes! I recently started watching the show and found myself using my dvr to record all episodes so I could catch up! I love this show! I live in Los Angeles and the next time I go to Vegas I’m going to stop in their shop!

  48. Rick your hot!!

  49. Chumlee, Chumlee, Like watching the remake of the Four Stooges, Love you all, Great show

  50. Chumlee! and he deserves to get his own show

  51. we love the show, chumlee is our favorite and we think he should be included in the begining of the show with the other three, you all rock but we love chumlee

  52. great group..we all have the old man personality in us. rick is a very well read fellow.corey does great but the under appreciated chum is the best—much brighter and talented than portrayed..stopped at the store but unfortunately the success will not allow the guys to be there regularly or business would /could not be done..enjoy the fifteen minutes,you are all very entertaining..

  53. The only person on Pawn Star’s I absolutely do not like is Corey. His “My Man” literally drives me up the wall. Also, I don’t like the disrespect that is shown by all of the “stars” to each other. Too much cussing, I think of all of the stars, I like the old man the best since he is my age.


  55. I have to say they are all my favorite old man keeps everyone in check we all need that and Rick has the most common since with Corey and his cute self right behind the show wouldn’t be the same without poor chum whom everyone has to love!

  56. Hmmm lets see …. I think ima go with rick.. Big hoss is kind of a d#$k lol bro you need to respect your dad more… and chum well lets just say he gives the show its funny side… I watch reruns all day all the time this show is awesome.. I think yall need to teach Cajan pawn stars a thing or two lol….

    • Oh and cant forget the old man lol … I think its great when yall get him goin … one of these days hes just gonna kick all your asses :)…

  57. old man is switched on. he knows. they are all great. australia loves pawnstars. rock on old man.


  59. I would have to say the old man to. Chum 2nd. I think he does dumb stuff on purpose, just to get a good laugh. But all of them are great guys and no push overs. Unless the old man see’s something from his childhood hes a pushover. Give him a paddleball and he might stay awake.

  60. Definitely Chumlee.
    He is really cool…. extremely funny….Love when he breaks stuff and aggravates The Old Man.
    and Chum is alot smarter than people
    think he is… though he does not brag about it..

    Chum’s strategy is a very smart game called ” playing dumb”…
    people expect less out of you…

    then you can surprise them when you out smart them
    and turn out to be the real winner.
    Watch out shop guys !!! You may find out Chumlee bites back !!!

  61. the old man for sure. But I also like Rick, Corey, Chumlee. Does chum have a wife or girlfriend?

  62. The Old Man all the way!

  63. When can i meet you guys? I was there twice in 2011 2012 i really want to meet everyone.

  64. It is fun to watch and see how much everyone in the store
    care about each other! But the Old Man is the kingpin of the show show.

  65. CHUMLEE is my favorite!

  66. Chumlee rules

  67. My favorite has to be Rick. Hist knowledge of history is great. I preserve and restore old documents and records for the sole purpose of preserving history so that those who come behind us see what we did here as people. What we stood for and what we would not stand fore. I watch the show every day and constantly see something new. It is a great show. I had to list one person and Rick is the one. I do just really like to here his dad talk about things from “back in the day”. Congratulations on this interesting and informative show. Yours truly, Mary


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