Things You Might Not Know About The Pawn Shop!

In order to better serve our customers here at the pawn shop, we opened up a hot dog stand in the south parking lot.  Due to our location on the strip it is sometimes hard to find a close and convenient place to snag a quick bite to eat or even just a bottle of water  to stay hydrated.   Sometimes the line out in front of the store can get pretty long, and on these hot Vegas summer days, a nice cold bottle of water can be a great way to beat the heat!  The Hot Dog Cart also offers other sweet and salty snacks as well as some other drink choices like soda or Gatorade.




  1. We really love watching Pawn Stars and the Hot Dog Stand is a GREAT idea! If a person has to wait in line, what better way to do it than with an icy cold bottle of water?

  2. Im looking for a model 97 Winchester 12 gauge pump with a 32 inch barrel

  3. love the show seen every episode


  5. Dang, I was going to come visit but now that I know that I will have to stand in line for a long time I think i’ll will stay away. I don’t do long lines.

    • Don’t let the line deter you! It usually goes quick. The wait time is typically only 30 minutes at the most. Unless filming!

      • we are visiting vegas from july 23-28. I would love to stop by… any days that you can recommend are generally, less busy? just for the fun of it, I wanted to pawn a gold piece that I don’t wear… just to say that I pawned something there :) but I don’t want to wait hours and take away from our relaxation at the hotel. we really want to vegetate at the hotel as much as possible.

        • Not to worry! Our pawn/sales customers get priority. If there is a line when you get here just let the gentleman at the door know that you would like to pawn/sell an item and he will take you inside to the counter.

  6. I love your show and how kind you guys are, you’re a great family business and live up to the “world famous” on your sign, keep up the amazing show, and stay open for another 4 years because when i’m 18 i’m coming on down to see you guys!

  7. Hey guys, I was there last week and saw the tent from Las Vegas Blvd, didn’t know what it was until I read your article on Facebook, I must have missed the sign, if there is a sign, good luck with your new venture, looks like a good idea to me.

  8. I just saw the program Monday night and I saw a large picture on the wall in a black frame. It looked like a Peter Max. Is it for sale and if so, how much? I can’t find it on the website. Love the show, thanks!

  9. I just read Rick’s book, Licensed to Pawn, very interesting. You folks are to be commended given all that you had to overcome…… I wish you continued success…..

  10. Watch your show every week in CANADA, here on a one week visit and looking forward to visiting your shop.

  11. Hey guys!!!
    My sister are coming to see the shop and hopefully see the guys in 5weeks.
    We are coming from Australia! We love the show and have really enjoyed learning about all the cool guns and rare items!!
    Super excited!!!!

  12. Do you sell things on-line from the store? I am looking for a dynamite detonator box. Thanks!

    • We have an eBay store that we sell some things from the shop on. However, I do not believe that we have a dynamite detonator box lying around. You are more than welcome to contact the pawn shop at

      Thank you

  13. My grandson and I will be in Vegas…tomorrow! We watch the show whenever he comes to vist. He’s more excited about going to the pawn shop, than he is about going to see Criss Angel! We’re bringing a Don Drysdale baseball card to heopfully sell. Hope the line isn’t too long. He’s not the patient type!

  14. I am a die hard fan and will be coming to Vegas at the end of September. I have an Official 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair pictures book from R. H. Donnelly and a mesh purse that I inherited from my mom that have been laying around for years. I thought I would bring them in and see if you have any interest in them. If you don’t think you would thats ok, I would still love to come by and just see your store and say I was there!!

  15. Does your pawn shop buy old collectable stamps.

  16. I have a bingo game dated 1952 never played with. I would like to pawn. How would i go about it.

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