The Old Man’s Buick

Here at the pawn shop the price of real estate has gone up in the last year or so.  Unfortunately that means the guys don’t keep too many cars sitting around the shop.  Except for one.

Sitting peacefully in the back courtyard is one of the Old Man’s favorite cars.  The 1918 Buick Touring Car.  Fans might remember the Old Man buying this on the show last year for a pretty good price.

Well since he still runs the place he can keep whatever he wants, where he wants it.

And it just so happens he likes to keep this little gem sitting right out side, not more than a few feet from his office.




Check out that old Emergency braking system.


  1. i was wonderning if you can maybe give me a ride in this wonderful car I will be in Las Vegas in October 2012 please thank you for you time Bertha Moreno from Austin Texas…

  2. So we are curious as to what became of the engine, did you replace the engine just because it would not start. From wathing the show it appeared that the only thing going on was the carb leaking, the guy drove the car in to your lot

  3. Love the car I really have an appreciation for antiques I believe they are a huge & important part of our history it’s awesome I just recently got a 1967 Pontiac 400 firebird can’t wait to show it off

  4. The old man has good taste , i think its SWEET !! signed: Avid watcher of the show

  5. glad he kept it looks good

  6. Awesome car…I would have kept it too!!

  7. i’m glad we found out what happened to the car. there are alot of items i’d like to know “”where are they now? and what was the selling price””. thanks..and it’s a GREAT CAR !! great photo op for fans .. maybe a MADAME TUSSARD statue of “”the old man”” next to it or in the driver’s seat so fans can sit and snap??? love you “”old man””. smooch

  8. My favorate color…Absolutely beautiful….Big Daddy….ENJOY…

  9. The Old Man sure loved that car when you bought it, and Danny did a wonderful job restoring it. I agree The Old Man can park his car there if he wants to. Love the show.

  10. Gosto muito do seriado de vocês, assisto todos os domingos, mas os episódios que passam aqui no Brasil são de 2009/2010, então não este em que o velho compra o Buick. Gostaria de saber como faço para adquirir uma camiseta da loja de vocês.



  11. I am glad he is able to keep what he wants! He is an awesome guy and although he tries to come off as tough, he is a big ole teddy bear.

  12. nice ride it will blow your dress up

  13. Love the car. The old man reminds me of an uncle I loved with the biggest heart on the inside but crusty on the outside. Love you. Keep Corey and Rick grounded.

  14. Thats a really nice Buick that you have there love the color and model too!!

  15. That’s an awesome car! My dad would go crazy if he saw that thing on the road.

  16. wow i kind of like that car

  17. Is that Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang? Can it reallyfly?

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