The Old Man “The Appraiser”

Richard “The Old Man” Harrison is the brains behind the brawn of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.  After retiring from the Navy and losing in the real estate market, he moved to Vegas in 1981.  All these years later, he is a favorite of Pawn Stars fans from young kids to those in his own demographic.  He tells it like it is, never mincing words or handing out an undeserved smile.  He is a family man through and through and is generous to a fault when it comes to grandkids and his newest great-grandchild.  Always asking “What’s new?” when he sees you, even if that is every day, he wants to know what is happening at the store from financials to funny stories.  When he asked to meet Randy Travis and the Oak Ridge Boys, he quickly found out they were just as big a fan of his as he was of theirs.  He may come off curmudgeonly but is a sweetheart like no other.  He is wonderful in his wisdom and awesomely adorable.