The Old Man Has Been CHUMMED! New Limited Edition Coins

The Old Man has been CHUMMED!  A series of coins designed by Chumlee are now available in store for purchase for $75.00.  These special edition coins are serialized and limited to only 1,000.  The coin commemorates the Old Man’s 72nd birthday coming up on March 4th.


The coin features the same impression of the Old Man only with Chumlee’s special flair!  The Old Man is sporting a leopard print hat and a sweet handlebar mustache!   Grab them while you can!



  1. You always show items you buy or pawn….Why not show items you sell?

  2. I have afront page, and the first section of pages along with it, newspaper of the New York Times April 16, 1912. It head lines the sinking of the Titanic. I do not know if is authenic. First I would like to know what the size of the paper since this one I have seems to be a bit large. Second, How much would it be worth. Alxso my wife has a crush on Rick and wants to know what horoscope sign he is.

  3. interested

  4. We got ours !! thanks Augee !

  5. Happy Birthday to the “Old man” !!

  6. what did you sell the sheckel coin for $$$

  7. I assume these are already sold out. If not, where can I buy one? Im sure my dad or my Grandpa would love it.

    • Nicholas, you’ll need to contact the shop directly to purchase these. They are not sold out but there are just a few left.

  8. How I can order the coin of the old man….?

    • Please call the shop. 702.385.7912

  9. The coin should be named “the old man;s” coin

  10. The old man pimp coin SUCKS

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