Steve Carell To Appear On Pawn Stars!

Entertainment Weekly Steve Carell to appear on ‘Pawn Stars’

EXCLUSIVE By Dan Snierson
And for his next Hollywood trick, Steve Carell will magically appear on… Pawn Stars! The former anchor of The Office – and star of the big-screen prestidigitation comedy The Incredible Burt Wonderstone — returns to the small screen for a segment on History‘s popular reality series, EW has learned. He’ll be seen looking around the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, drawing the attention of Rick, Old Man, Corey, and Chumlee, and negotiating with Rick over an item that he’s interested in buying.
Carell, who along with his daughter is a Pawn Stars fan, also filmed a promotional tie-in spot for the Vegas-shot Burt Wonderstone that will be seen during Pawn Stars‘ March 11 episode: In the integrated ad, Rick needs help assessing the value of a magician costume so he calls in an “expert,” who is revealed to be Carell. Burt Wonderstone hits theaters on March 15. Carell’s guest spot on Pawn Stars will air sometime this spring.
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  1. Cool! I can tell it’ll be a good episode

  2. Can’t wait to watch that episode. It will be hilarious i bet. I love your show and I like Steve carell too, he’s a good actor.

  3. What was the name of that episode?

  4. Great show u have! I like the fact that you are fair and honest with customers. I only have a question, you are always buying, and why can’t you have episodes where you actually sell your stuff? It would be more interesting to see what you actually get for the stuff you pay top dollar.

    • They did an episode like that. It got bad ratings. People like to see new stuff each week.

  5. ive been there before (gold and silver pawn)

  6. Greetings from Holland.
    We are a great fan, we watching the program on Dutch tv.
    Maybe we come in september 2013 to your shop.

  7. Greetings from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am a big fan of the show me and my family watch it everyday. All of you guys are awesome but The Old Man is the Awesomest lool we really enjoy watching him and he have a really funny sense of humor. I wish you guys all the best and diffidently will come and visit the shop as soon I come to Vegas. Thank you Fahad

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