1838 Gobrecht Dollar PF 61



1838 Gobrecht Dollar

A true treasure, this is one of what is believed to be less than thirty 1838 Gobrecht dollars in existence today. Examples have sold for as much as  $82,00. Gobrecht silver dollars were  minted in the US after a 30 year ban, and as such is prized amongst collectors for it’s historical significance and rarity. Gobrecht dollars were the first to feature the Gobrecht eagle, a design so popular it later appeared on many other patterns as well as regular issue 1857-1858 cents.  Years later, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the famous sculptor who had been commissioned to redesign the entire American coinage spectrum, wrote to President Theodore Roosevelt, stating that for the reverse of the $20 coin he was going to use Gobrecht’s eagle, as it could not be improved.

Some experts state the Gobrecht dollar is one of the most complicated and least understood of all United States coinage issues. Gobrecht had been ordered by Director of the U.S. Mint, R.M. Patterson, to create dies based on the designs of Thomas Sully and Titian Peale, and because he placed his name on the dies, these coins are now known as Gobrecht dollars. These coins are dated 1836, 1838, and 1839.  Gobrecht Dollars fall into three basic categories: circulation and original issues; patterns; and restrikes. The coins are also struck in either a coin turn orientation or a medal turn orientation. This means that when the coin is turned over the eagle is either right side up (coin turn orientation) or upside down (medal turn orientation). To further complicate matters, Gobrecht Dollars are found with multiple die alignments. The die alignment means that when the coin is turned over, the eagle is either flying upward or level.

Being one of the rarest of all Gobrechts, this 1838 features stars on the obverse fields, and the reverse features an eagle flying in a plain field, with a reeded edge. The eagle flies level for coin and medal turn. The coin is a proof and has been graded PF 61 & encapsulated by NGC. Truly a remarkable find, add this piece to your collection today and we will also include a “As Seen on Pawn Stars” placard hand signed!

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