Sword; WWII Naval Officer’s Sword


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Product Description

          WWII Naval Officer’s Sword

After World War II countless US servicemen were coming home with souvenirs from the Battlefield. For a few Pacific service men lucky enough to find one they were clutching one of these bad boys. The Japanese Empire in the days of WWII had never really faced defeat, in fact in the minds of many of their officers it was nigh impossible. Thus when these young men went off to war they brought with them their family sword, in many cases one that had been passed down for generations, never considering that it may be lost.

WWII Naval officer’s sword, manufactured out of stainless steel. Mounts are of the higher class of naval officer, sharkskin is used for the scabbard which is the best quality.

  • Signed: Takeyoshi Saku + Anchor Stamp
  • Time Period: Modern 1940’s
  • Length: 24 5/8″
  • Condition: Good

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 46 in

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