Sword; Soshu Ju Akihiro Samurai Sword



Soshu Ju Akihiro Samurai Sword

Imagine holding in your hands a weapon that has been passed down by generations of warriors since the 1300’s. This samurai sword made by Akihiro Soshunojunin, was acquired by the seller’s father during his service in WWII. In 1947 he was a U.S. Army Signal Corps Colonel, stationed in occupied Sapporo Hokkaido, Japan. Certain officers stationed in Japan during WWII were allowed to select a few swords and knives for themselves that were taken away from those in the occupied Japanese areas. Seller’s father meticulously wrote down each swords’ maker and age when he acquired them in Japan in 1947. Many US service men have since returned these heirlooms to the families when they could be identified, as many were affixed with wooden cards known as “surrender tags,” identifying the person from whom they were confiscated. Unfortunately this piece did not have one of these tags and the lineage of this piece is lost to the ages.

Signed: Soshu Ju Akihiro

Time Period: Mid 1300’s

Length: 27 1/2″

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