18th Century Peg Leg with Concealed Flintlock


Product Description

As seen on Pawn Stars

Here’s something our expert has never seen before, a late 18th century wooden peg leg fitted with a flintlock pistol that shoots out the bottom of the leg! The weapon is fired by pulling a ring hidden on the back of the thigh that connects to the lock with a wire. The flintlock is correctly marked TOWER with a crown over GR. It is a later pattern sea service pistol lock that dates from 1790-1815. The bottom of the peg leg has an intricately laced leather boot, and the muzzle of the barrel is in the center of the sole of the boot and is rifled. Age and condition are consistent with the period as are the materials used and the basic design of the peg leg. We have deduced that this weapon was likely custom made for an officer or a captain who lost his right leg in action. Please note this item is sold as an antique collectible thus we make no assurances on it’s operability as a firearm and we strongly advise against firing this weapon!

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Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 12 x 12 in

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