1860 Colt “Army” Model .44 Cal w/ Shoulder Stock


Product Description

1860 Colt “Army” Model

Serial # 40777

.44 cal revolver with attachable shoulder stock.

More than 200,000 were manufactured between 1860-1873.

Colt’s biggest customer was the US Government with no less than 129,730.

Designed to be more powerful than the Navy .36 cal and much lighter than the Dragoon.

The Colt .44-caliber “Army” Model was the most widely used revolver of the Civil War.

Pronounced by the 1860 Army Trial Board that “it will make the most superior Calvary Army we have ever had.”

Gun was issued to all the mounted troops, officers and some artillery men.

The military particularly liked the pistols attachable shoulder stock.

This is an iconic weapon and has been featured in numerous feature films, for a listing click here.


Additional Information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

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