Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison is the genius of Pawn Stars.  He worked hard to get the concept of the show to tv and it has produced results no one, even the otherworldly intelligent Rick could have imagined.  After spending his childhood years in migraine headaches, dark rooms and his nose in one book after another  to dull the pain, his future is brighter than his wife’s diamond ring.  Spend just 30 seconds with Rick and you will learn something.  He is fiercely loyal, just the friend everyone wants and should have in their lives.  He loves his classic rock music and classic movies, as well.  Often more like an older brother to Corey than a dad, seeing the two of them together is not only fun but special.  His younger son and three stepdaughters have stolen his heart with a second chance at daddy-dom.  Arranging for them to meet Justin Bieber and Big Time Rush was a thrill for him.

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