Rick Harrison Is Officially Married!

In case you had not heard, this weekend Rick married his fiancé DeAnna in southern California.  Check out some picks below.

Here is the link to the Las Vegas Sun with the full article.

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  1. Marriage is a promise of sharing, a promise of helping and caring, a promise of working and planning together… A promise of making a dream last forever.
    May you marriage be just the beginning of a lifetime of dreams come true. Congratulations!

    Greetings from Polish

    P. S. Here you can watch your TV


  2. Congratulations from Hungary! I wish you happy life!

  3. Congratulations from România, another Eastern European country! Whish you luck!

  4. Congratulations from România, another Eastern European country! Wish you luck!

  5. Congratulations Rick and Deanna!!!! Very happy for you both!

  6. Congratulations from Seattle! I watch the show all the time and wish you all the best! You look great in a tux and married a beautiful woman. I hope you two have many happy years together.

  7. Greeting from Portugal. I’m seeing you now in tv lol

  8. Congratulations from Canary Islands, Spain!!!!

  9. Congratulations!!! Perfect couple!! From Manila, Phillippines..

    Moving forward to meet you in August.

  10. Very many congratullions to you both and your family from Zimbabwe…

    • congratulations Rick from a friend from poerto rico i always enjoy when you laughing .i learn a lot from your show hope some day i ll be there

  11. Congratulations, Rick and Deanna. Wishing you both a happy and long life together

  12. Congratulatio from Italy!!

  13. Congratulations from Tueky

  14. Brazilian greetings!

  15. congratulations Rick!

  16. Congratulation Rick…From Italy……!!!!!

  17. Congrats from Madison WI! We’ll be coming to see your shop & Danny’s in Feb.

  18. Congratulations . wish you a very happy marred life… from Jalpaiguri west Bengal, India

  19. Me and Chloe loved being at the wedding! Great people Great day! Congrats you two!

  20. congratulations,hope third times charm for you.

  21. Conragulations to Rick and Deanne may you have a long and happy life! Pawn Stars is brill! Scotland

  22. Congratulations . wish you a very happy marred life… from west Bengal, India

  23. I wish you the best Rick !!!!!
    You been a great roll model for

  24. Congratulations from Venezuela Rick! , never is late to start again.

    I hope to visit you in your shop soon!

  25. Congratulation Rick…From India.
    I like your program .

  26. congratulation Rick and wife,God bless you… from managua,nicaragua,central america….

  27. Congratulations

  28. Congrats from Brazil i was a really fan of your job rick and soon i wikl go to las vegas to visit your store and buy some things.
    I wish you a happy life with your wife

  29. Congratulations! Boy, Rick sure knows how to pick them ;).

  30. entire india wishes you a happy married life.

  31. Congratulations fron Israel.
    We love you.
    David and the family

  32. Felicitaciones México D. F.

  33. Congratulations on your wonderful wedding and a lovely family. We love to watch your show and love to watch your dad he is so funny. From Osseo Wisconsin

  34. Congratulations. May you have a blessed and happy marriage and may Jesus guide all that you do.

  35. Congratulations and may you have a very happy life together,great looking couple,we love your show and want to visit soon,hope to meet ya’ll,

  36. What a beautiful couple you are and may your entire Harrison family continue to be richly blessed! Congratulations.- From the Hayes` (Lake Wales, FL)

  37. Congratulation For your Wonderful Wedding From Rome Italy

    And PS Rick ….Very Nice Choice :)

  38. Felicidades desde Alhama de Murcia, España.

    ¡Veo el programa todos los días y me encanta!

    Mucha suerte.



  40. Congratulations Rick and Deanna. I love to watch your family on the show. If and whenever you need to get away let me know, you are welcomed in our home in Texas. confidentially

  41. Congrats From HUNTSVILLE ALABAMA

  42. The 3rd will be a charm. God bless, you and your family are fun to watch.


  44. Conrats and Best Wishes to you both. Hope for a long and happy life together.

  45. Rick remember happy wife=happy life

  46. Congratulations Rick For your Wonderful Wedding …..From Ajmer Rajasthan, India…
    A few Words For Both Of you…
    “Zindagi ka har pal sukh de aapko,
    Din ka har Lamha Khushi de aapko,
    Jahan gum ki hawa chu ke bhi na gujare,
    Khuda woh zindagi de Aapko.”

  47. congratulation mr. Rick…

    uday from india

  48. Congratulations!
    Enhorabuena. Os deseo una vida larga y feliz.
    Desde Sevilla, Andalucía, España.

  49. Congrats!

    • And you had ‘The Count’ to officiate the ceremony, absolutely great !
      Congrats and best wishes to all and especially the new Mrs H (good luck, DeAnna !!!)
      Well done guys, from all in the UK !

  50. congratulations. wish u all the very best for your future.

  51. congratulations Rick, I do love your laugh… I see everyday the show here in Spain…

  52. Parabéns Rick. Do Brasil um cara que admira o seu trabalho!

  53. Rick: Of course you know she is gorgeous. Please do not make the mistake of laughing at everything you say when you talk to her. Unless she is real stupid, she will be gone and you will become a three time loser! Congratulations, I do enjoy your show but I hate it when you laugh at almost everything you say. BuzGuy

  54. Congratulations! to both of you.

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