Rick & Deanna Set A Wedding Date!

Rick Harrison has gone from pawning to planning.
After months of going back and forth, the Pawn Stars ringleader and his fiancée, Deanna Burditt, have finally set a date for their wedding: July 21.

But the date is just the beginning for Harrison, 47, who tells PEOPLE, “She’s sticking me with all the planning!”
The nuptials – initially planned for Las Vegas – will now take place at the Ritz Carlton in Southern California’s Laguna Beach.
“It will be a lot of friends and family,” Harrison said while attending Wednesday night’s opening of Wynn Las Vegas’s Andrea’s. “It started off with about 40 people and it’s well over 100 people now. You know how those things go.”
Aside from the guest count close to being finalized, Harrison said Danny Koker of the History Channel’s Counting Cars will become an ordained minister and marry the couple, and Harrison’s Pawn Stars costar Chumlee is set to be the ring bearer.
“I can’t make that up,” he said. “I just had no idea there was so much involved. I just thought you got a cake, had a party, buy a keg. But we’re getting it done.”



  1. This is my late Mother’s birthday…Good luck to both of you, and I just love your shows….


  3. CONGRATULATIONS ! Best wishes for all !

  4. congratulations …i love you both..

  5. Congrats to you both i know a good pawn shop you can buy the rings from .chum lee will make a great bridesmaid

  6. Damn rick she’s to pretty for you lol

  7. Congratulations! What a beautiful couple. We have been to your store and watch your show almost daily.

    We will be happy to attend the wedding! In spirit anyway! All the best to you both

  8. What…….what…….what………….Congrates!….just saw the show…….tripped out when we saw u on web site……..LOL….u Crazzzzzyyyyy!…….LOL

  9. This was my late aunt & uncle’s wedding date. They were married for 49 years. Congratulations & Good Luck! Love the show.

  10. CSurprized this happen, at first Rick is like….this is not going to happen, then Rick brings in a expert. Just kidding much love and luck to the both of you!!!! Major fan of the show. Want to bring in some items, I have Bill Walsh’s yearbook.

  11. Great looking couple! Congratulations to the both of you on your upcoming nuptials… Just when you think you have all taken care of everything and can relax…. Not gonna happen! LOL been there, done that!!! And after all ur hard work its over with a blink of an eye!!! In the end its all worth it!!! Again, CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes to the both of you for many years to come! Awesome show… We watch ur show all the time… We don’t miss a day… We even set our DVR if we r going out or on vacation… Best show on the History Channel! We Love u all!

  12. Congrats to you both I wish you many happy & wonderful years together Cheers!

  13. Gongradulation to the both of you. Wishing you all the very best through out your years together. You look like a very happy couple. God bless you both.
    Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are addicted to your show. We love it. I like all of the shows I have seen but the one that stands out in my mind today is the time the lady brought in the Widow Spider, I tink it was a pin, and she was asking for a certain amount and you told her you had a consience and then told how much it was worth and what you could give her for it. You are a good person! God Bless you again………

  14. Rick & Deanna, Just want to say Congratulations & Good Luck with the weddings & the joining of your 2 families! I have also met the woman of my dreams(thats the only one ive suckered into putting up with me, we plan to marry the day before you, on JUly 20th in Cocoa Beach,Florida. She has 2 wonderful girls 5 & 9 and i have 3 wonderful kids 11,12 & 20 as our families have joined over the last couple years we have really began to have fun and realize more of what life is all about & i hope you both have the sam experience.Rick we watch your show and all i can say is “WOW”—your a smart guy & youve got some really cool things coming through the store. I work for a HUGH collision repair shop in Springfield,Illinois & your the talk of the breakroom especially with the car & motorcycle restoration!! we’d love to meet you some time!!! And we think its cool that Danny Koker can be an Awesome part of your special day. Best Wishes & good luck with your wedding plans….I scored big because she did the majority of the plans & hiring of the cooridnator and i got to throw in my 2 cents,,,,,HA HA!

  15. LOVE, LOVE Your Show.Best Wishes and Long Happy Life.

  16. Congratulations Rick (my favorite of the show!) & Deanna! Love the show & even watch the re-runs…can’t get enough of the “Old Man” or Pawn Stars!! Please show some highlights of the wedding for all of your fans! Sounds like everything is set, so Rick, all you have to do is “some paperwork, and Chum can write it up”….and you will be married! Sending lots of love from Texas and wishing you much happiness always. Thank you for all the fun and entertainment you bring to the show….totally awesome!

  17. Congratulations Rick and Deanna best wishes hope you show high lights best wishes for many years to come

  18. congratulations rick& best wishes to your upcomming wedding. i am a huuuge fan of your show,do not miss any segments, tape them all. my stepdaughter from hamburg germany watches every time she vists us.we are in las vegas in dezember, and we will be visiting your store.keep up “the good work” lots of love to all of you ,karin kira dieter may long beach,ca

  19. Congrats to Rick, best wishes to his bride-2-be. I’m a big fan of your show (simultaneously educational and entertaining); hubby is a Pawn Stars junkie. Learning that Danny will marry you2 and Chumlee wil ‘Bear’ your rings induces dreams of an invitation to all of us – your fans.

    Wishing you and Deanna a house full of sunshine, Hearts full of cheer, Love that grows deeper each day of the year.

  20. congrads to you, your show rocks, big fan

  21. Congratulations, and please run some highlights on PS. My husband and I enjoy the show.

    Have you thought about doing a show in November for the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination? I was too young to vote, but I still have a campaign pin and one each of the Mass cards from that Sunday. Going in to Mass, our cards said “died”; coming out, they said “assassinated”. Just a suggestion …

    • I wish you luck in the world rick, hug a big fan of Brazilian Thiago Moura.

  22. No, things seldom go as originally planed do they! With that being said, it least your getting it done and in the end, that’s all that really matters, that is unless your trying to stay within a budget! Ha.
    Congradsulation to the both of you, but Rick, come on, your letting her take the lead already, gosh, you are smarter than you look., either that or your just a fast learner.
    Really enjoy your show, so real and not only down to earth, but honest to boot, so much better than the other pawn shop show thats back east.
    Wishing you, the family and your new bride nothing but the very best that life has to offer.
    Keep it real and you’ll continue being a star, if not on T.V.,, then in someones eye’s. where in counts most anyway.

  23. CommentI wish you luck in the world rick, hug a big fan of Brazilian Thiago Moura.

  24. Congratulations from Spain.
    good luck and greetings.

  25. all the best to rick and deanna on your forthcoming wedding,hope you all have a great day,we are loving the television programme over here in the uk,best wishes to you all.

  26. I would like for Reverend Koker to hear my confession :)

  27. Congratulations Rick and Deanna, love the show, the Count, Rick’s Restorations and American Pickers. Thsnks for the entertainment and the education. Are you going to have a contest to who is going to be the flower girl for Chum?

  28. you picked a good date for your wedding. thats my birthday. my fiance and i will be coming to visit your store in september for our honeymoon!

  29. Congratulations! I think that’s great and to know that the a modern wedding is happening and to hear that Chumlee will be the ring bearer is the funniest. He will do a great job! He really seems like a real nice guy. It’s nice to see that Rick is taking care of his employee.
    Hope the wedding is aired on the show!


  31. congratulations rick and deanna.. may god bless your plans and hope chumlee doesn’t. lose the ring!! lol just kidding.. rick enjoy and keep smiling!!

  32. Hi Rick, congrats to you and Deanna. I am coming from Northern Utah in a couple of days to visit your shop. I have wanted to for such a long time. Finally getting to do it..YEAH!!! Love your show, watch it most every day. I am looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the guys..love u all !!

  33. It is said that “Love is a many splendid thing”. May the both of you have a long and lasting love affair. Deanna is a very lovely gal, Ric. Be kind to one another and may your life blossom through the years you are together.

  34. Best of luck…………and God Bless…….

  35. Congrats!! that is too cute having chum as the ring bearer, and danny officiating- so awesome lol love it. May you guys have many great years together filled with love and laughter. You guys are awesome


  36. Gotta say have been watching the show since season 1 and there are a couple other one’s on now that are nothing compared to your show,Thanks for all the insight and knowledge that i have learned from all of you through the year.And rick you lucky dog keep that lady happy she look’s like a keeper.Take take care and pawn on Gary.V.

  37. WE KNEW IT! Danny’s a Reverend!! REPRESENT!!! & Big Congrats to the Happy Couple!!!


  39. Best wishes and Congratulations to both of you and I’m a big fan of your show. Good luck!

  40. hey a cake and a party and keg is they way to go.thats almost how we did ours last june .we had a backyard(front yard)wedding got cake booze and basicly had a cookout party.the best wedding i have attending well it being mine and was priced just right .i love the idea danny marry the 2 of you.my minister was late so my brother went on line became a ordained minister just in case lol.good luck to the 2 of you .post pics

  41. Best wishes and Congratulations from Prague. Good luck. I love your show.

  42. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!….see you in May…coming out to Las Vegas for a little vacation…gotta see your Gold and Silver Pawn Shop…

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