Rick & Chum Appear On Fox 5 Local News To Show Off New Slot Machine!

This morning on our local Fox 5 news station Rick and Chum met up with the morning crew to give a first hand demonstration of the new Pawn Stars Slot Machine.  Here are some photos from this morning!  Looks like they had a blast!



  1. cool! I really like your show guys, i learned alot of things and tons of history. :) Pawn Stars Rocks!

  2. Best of Luck Rick (on both the gambling trip AND the up’n coming marriage) Chum, you’re the best. Rock them in Vegas.

  3. Love you guys love the show can’t wait to play the new slot. Hopefully it’s coming to Four Winds Casino in Michigan.

  4. Chum, my man, I thought you were on a diet. You need to take care of yourself! Rick is looking good…

  5. i wacth this show everyday

  6. un saludo desde españa desde donde seguimos los programas grabados de sus compras.lo vemos a traves de la televisión xpl de españa.sun saludo muy coordial para todos ustedes-

  7. hi am PortoAlegre in Brazil and very short program of you by history

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