Pawn Stars | Welcome to the Gold & Silver Pawn’s new site!

Hi everyone, this is Gold & Silver Pawn shop coming at you from beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. We are the home of the hit show Pawn Stars and have been a Las Vegas staple for many years. Come down to visit us at 713 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89101 or reach us at (702) 385-7912.

When you come by the shop you’re sure to see Chumlee, Rick, The Old Man or Corey (Big Hoss) hard at work, you can also pick up a great deal on just about anything from an ancient Samurai sword to a diamond ring to a radical bike.

We sell official Pawn Star merchandise at the shop as well and one of the guys are usually on hand to sign it and shake your hand. Come down and visit us or check us out via Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, we’re always up to something interesting.


  1. Great show love the pawn world lets see what treasures walk through the door

    • Love the show, my husband and I are hooked. I would like to see them buy some jewelery

  2. I will be in Las Vegas next week and hope to drop by.

    • Come on by!

  3. Would like to see your eBay items for sale. What is your seller id? Thanks, and keep up the great entertainment! Dave in Texas

    • You can find a link to our eBay store at the front of the site the home-page that is, it is the little widget towards the bottom that has all the eBay stuff in it, just click through :)

  4. Great show! A little harsh, but I love the truth! I am going to add your site to the sites that I stalk on my blog. By the way… I need a job! :P

  5. Yea guys great show! HELL YEA WE ALL NEED JOBS. Self employment is tough here in indiana. Sure fun though:) hopefully i can come spend some hard earned money in there soon! Keep the new episodes comming.

  6. Love the show…great family! Keep the blog going – I’m ready to read more!

    Fan from Austin, TX,
    Heather H.

  7. Hey Big Hoss and Chumlee-You guys are great, but for your own good please lose a pound or two. As an old man (Ricks age) I know how bad your life will be if you don’t start now while you are young and can exercise and change your lifestyle. You guys are the best, the television public (and I) love the show. But I would like to see you outlive your run on TV.
    Good luck with that, and thanks so much for the entertaining TV….

  8. One of the most entertaining and informative shows on television. Season pass on TIVO. Will stop by when we go to Vegas in May. When are we going to meet the wives????

  9. You guys rock! Love the show, just trying to catch-up on the first season now, DVR is set for the show now all the time! Just emailed your prducers about my 1968 H-D Aermacchi, maybe I’ll be asked to bring it by…?

    • Your not chumlee

  10. DON,


    • Hey Chumley

      God bless you Dude!!!

      Thanks for the entertainment

    • Chumlee u guys rock keep making episodes

    • Your not chum lee if you are your a star

    • CHUMLEE u r my dear person.. i daily watch u r programe …u r too entertainers…

  11. Love the show… can you guys put some of your obscure and crazy items on the website for sale? Would love to see and get the chance to buy some of the stuff we see on the show. How about that bronze Olympic medal.. Is it still avail?? Cant wait for some new shows. Big love from Toronto Canada!!!

  12. I was in that tiny store Sunday night and why dont you guys sell some of that cheap-assed jewery and buy a vacuum cleaner??? I thought Chumlee looked bad until I saw how trashy your help looked!!! I wouldnt buy a toothpick out of there!!!! That $20000 bike on the floor was nice, but that was about it! The show is pure Hollywood!!

  13. Hey there!

    I totally was channel surfing and came across the show. Absolutely love it!! Chum & Hoss, the dynamic is hilarious! Rick, yummy, and hot, what can I say, I got a thing for hot bald guys. Living in Canada I’m use to the guys wearing a beaver hat! LOL…. Just kidding. Love the old boy too, what a smart ass. He’s adorable!
    As a woman I would like to see what kind of jewellery you get in there, diamond rings really. Cliche I know, but diamonds are a girls best friend. Have to say though, you guys get some really cool stuff coming in.
    Love the show

  14. Hey Guys, I love show. Its hilarious and educational which is a great combo. Nothing cracks me up more than when you find out the price of something from an expert and then the seller says he wants to sell it to you for that price…lol…. clowns. I’ll be in Vegas at the end of April and def plan on stopping by.

    Good luck with everything!

  15. hello, really like your show, my wife and i were just in your shop march 30th, i hoped to see the stars but i think we were there to late, like idiots we walked from the strip,(Long Walk), anyway i expected your place to be bigger, maybe just tv, but enjoyed it the same, keep it up, dev,NE.

  16. TV is interesting, entertaining and wait, hold my poodle – Educational!!!!??? Just in time cuz Bordain is already been everywhere, Zimmern’s tasted just about everything and Colicchio’s starting to get a bit Real Housewives of Wherehaveyou (not skippin’ CraftSteak though, mmmm). See you end of April!

  17. why dont you guys trade for a vacuum cleaner. i was in there last week, and the show looks nothing like what i saw!!! get real.

  18. Did anyone see the episode being shown on April 6th 2010 and that guitar that guy brought in? He mentioned he toured with the rock bands Triumph and ToTo. These are two very famous rock bands from Canada. But I do not recognize the guy. It sure wasn’t Rick Emmett from Triumph.

    Can anyone tell me how Corey and Chumlee got the kite down from the pole? Or if they did.

    This is a great show… really popular here in Canada. Great people, wish they would ease up on Chumlee though.

  19. I really like the show love to see stuff get the works car’s bikes vending machines the story on stuff the humor despite some customer’s you guy’s
    give owning a pawn store a good name may i suggest starting a web page
    that shows whats in invantory like bikes car’s vending machines guitars
    jewlry ya know like a virtual store I still love the episode with the guy
    brings Monty Montana’s shirt rope an boots and Chumly refer’s to it as
    Hanna Montanna stuff LOL!!!!!! PRICELESS

  20. Hey what hours are you guys in the shop me and my girl are coming to vegas next week and woul dbe a honor to meet you guys and take a few pics

  21. I love you guys and the show! I’m traveling from TEXAS to Vegas for my birthday on May 7th. I’m going to drop by to visit the Old Man!!! Can’t wait!!

  22. I just came bask from Las Vegas and happened to stop in to the pawn shop. I was very disapointed they did not have much in their inventory, a third of their shop was full of t-shirts and advertising. A man came in with a television and the guy behind the counter said they do not accept televisions. I did not see much of anything like in most pawn shops (like tools, televisions, cameras, etc).

  23. Being from the Boston area, would like to know more about the Patriots Super Bowl ring.

    • pawn stars is a great show for the family my family has nothing but love for the crew that works hard to bring us a great show thanks fellas.

  24. I watch your show religiously. You guys are awesome. Having been self-employed for years, I would like to see more of the business side. For example, you do alot of buying on the show, but we don’t often see what these items sell for. Keep up the great work. If I ever get to Vegas, I will be there!!!!

  25. We love your show!!–Keep makin’ that money!!!

    Nashville TN

  26. I’ve lived in Las Vegas for almost five years now and have been to a lot of pawn shops in town. Somehow, I haven’t managed to make it over to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop yet. I plan on doing so soon. I might even bring something in, just to see what you guys offer for it, if anything. I’ve bought and sold stuff at pawn shops for years, so I won’t be one of those guys who comes in expecting to make a big profit of what I bring in or anything. I just love pawn shops and thrift stores because there are so many cool things in them and you never know what you’ll find. Some of the coolest things I have collected have come from pawn shops. Heck, I even got my Xbox and PS2 from pawn shops and they wound up working great.

    I like the show too. Shows like Pawn Stars, Loggers, Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs are the REAL reality shows. Shows like yours expose people to slices of real American life. Those other ones like Survivor and Biggest Loser are too fake to deserve the label of “reality show”.

  27. i would like to seehow chumlee got down from the hotair balloon-and also,who did his hair on the new show-chumlee looks quite dapper-love the guys-especially rick and his dimples when he thinks he’s getting a hell of a deal-his eyes just sparkle-then the smile-then the laugh and then the dimples-how very cute he is!!!!!!!!love rick

  28. hello-i love you guys and i love the show-it’s great to see family run-businesses-how about an autogrpahed picture-

  29. I really love the show, hope they never stop making the shows, it just that awesome!!!

  30. Great Show !!!! Is very interesting to see some of the treasures that come into your shop. Keep it up.

  31. Hey guys i have a bunch of autographed Footballs and Posters from Dan Marino. I’ll be in Vegas Late September. Hopefully we can work out a deal on some of my stuff.

  32. I am a huge fan of the show!!!pun intended. I love Richard (old man) he is so cool and knowledgeable and Chum (Austin) is so great–love Rick and Corrie too. Greetings from NYC.

  33. My FAVORITE show!
    Keep it coming guys, & thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Great show guys! I particular remember the Hotchkiss cannon that you bought a while back. I hope to get to Las Vegas and stop by.

  35. I love the show, especially the restorations! Some of them are amazing! There is one thing that bothers me as a American History historian. That is the handling of old documents.
    When handling the document, be sure your hands are clean and dry.  Oils in your skin may leave stains or weaken the paper, thus permanently damaging the document.  For valuable pieces it is recommended that you wear gloves to be certain nothing is transferred from your hands to the paper. Always wear white cotton gloves when handling important and/or valuable documents.
    I agree some people may not know what they own or how to handle old documents but your “expert” should! You could even tell why your putting on white cotton gloves and educate the public that does not know any better and save some old documents in the process! I almost died to see the Revolution war bond being handled with bare hands!
    It also would be a hoot to see you get Chumlee to wear a pair!

  36. Happy Late Birthday Big Hoss, we share the same birthday, and I flew out to Vegas that week because it was my 21st birthday. I got to the store on that day a little late, you guys had all just left to celebrate. By the way, we also share the same birthday as Saddam Hussein. Love your show, and I love what you guys do. You ever need website work/maintenance, or computer advice in general, that is my thing. As a fan, I would love to help out for my favorite television show. If you really want a dedicated IT/Computer guy, I have been looking for an excuse to move out to Vegas. ; ) Keep it up, and good luck with those renovations.

  37. A great show! We will be in Vegas the first week in May, and we plan on stopping by and meeting the guys. Again, excellent show, keep up the good work!

  38. The show i very very educating and we love how you guys joke around as family does.We will be in vegas memorial day weekend and we hope to stop by and get some pawn stars souvenirs.

  39. Ok guys, you’re all great, but “The Old Man” stands out the most. His one liners quotes have me rolling. You’re lucky to work with him. Keep him happy….make the money!!!!

  40. I Love your show. I tape every episode. I just wish i lived closer so i could visit the store. Keep up the good work.

  41. We are planning a motorcycle trip to your area in the end of May. I will be coming from Nashville, TN and my Dad will be coming from Houston, MS. About a 3000 mile trip. Hope to come by and visit your shop. We are both fans of the show. Hope to see all of you there.

  42. HI! I would like to know what is the name of the green guy painting..anyone could help me with that?

    • Jummy Morrison?

  43. Rick!!! I have had a crush on You since the first show,..some thing about a bald guy who has such a great smile!!!

  44. My favorite show …… What a variety of stuff you get and it’s very educational. Learned a lot about history and you guys make it so interesting. Hi to all and we’ll be visiting Las Vegas from Virginia later this week with friends and our stopping by your place is a must do for us. Hope to see you soon. Chumlee is a favorite!

  45. We love your show!!! We love your guests!!! We love your experts!!! We love your restorers!!! BUT MOST OF ALL, WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! If it weren’t for you, there’d be no show at all…Keep up the great work. Thank you so much for some great entertainment!!!

    jina linehan
    thousand islands, ny

  46. Greetings from Columbia, South Carolina. We love the show!! Educational as well as entertaining!! The Christmas show with the Old Man as Santa and Chumlee as an Elf-laughed til I cried!! Keep up the good work. Oh, does Chumllee still have the Harley, and did he keep making payments to the Old Man??

  47. After watching pawn stars on TV,when we were in Vegas two weeks ago we visited the shop. Very disappointed with the staff (the girl on a cash register was rude, the men behind the counter we loud and lacking people skills). The bright point of the visit was having a chance to see Rick and get my picture taken with Chumlee. We did purchase some pawn star merchandise to take back to Canada. My advice Chumlee, Rick, The Old Man and Big Hoss looks for a friendly staff that are interested in tourists.

  48. Hi Rick, I hear you guys are members of Leads Online. I’m at there confference right now. They have a T-shirt that I think you will love. My wife and I will be in Vegas in three weeks so we’ll atop by and drop it off. Take care guys and we’ll see you soon.

    Detective Allen

  49. hey guys love the show! As soon as we get settled we will be making a trip out your way. chum keep up the hard work bro! you are the glue that keeps the shop running. See you guys soon!

  50. My husband and I love your show! You guys are great & the history you teach everyone in your shows is always interesting. Good call on passing on the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger back in the day, lol. Wishing you many many more years of continued success! :)

  51. Just saw the show last night on the Shelby Mustang. I’m glad to see that Mr. Harrison got his well deserved race car. I think I wouldn’t even let Chumlee wash or wax the “Old Man’s ride!
    Now to purchase my Bro some Chumlee merchandise. He wants to name his next dog Chumlee, I hope it doesn’t mind!

  52. Great show guys! We will be in town the middle of June and will stop in.

  53. Enjoy the show and had the chance to stop by on a recent visit to Vegas.
    Huge dissapointment! Nasty massive guy with gun ( enjoying his power as door guardian ) let a selective group in and noone else. What a jerk but we hopped in a cab and the guy talked us into going to Fremont Street. It was truly like going back to old Vegas and somewhat of a time warp. Very cool and worth the visit to see once and then back to the Wynn.

  54. Great show guys! Love it when the Old Man keeps it real and keep the guys in check! Do you guys have on line shopping? If so pass the website information so we can do some shopping! P.s got another question for you, how can you spot a fake Cartier watch?

  55. First time at pawn shop was a bad one it started with that fatso at the door, that big black blob of cow droppings, we only seen rick the other three were in the back hidding like kids the shop looks like a dump and is small thay let the show go to there heads.I’m going back to vegas in july and looking to buy a watch but i won’t be buying it at that pawn shop, need to have a better attuide towards customers because one day it will be to late to change your ways.

  56. Love the show Guys! I decided to swing by but you guys just closed. I am from Wyoming and I just decided to gaze in and look. The big security guard unlocked the door to let the last of the customers out and said to us “what the fuck you guys doing?” then just shook his head and locked the door behind him.

    I’m going in to say hi tomorrow but I was a little disapotinted at his remark. I hope he doesn’t do that to every customer.

  57. Hey guys,
    Came to Vegas for a visit and sought our your shop at about 930pm one night when I was there. I LOVE the show and was under the impression you guys were open 24hrs by all the signs posted everywhere saying, “we never close” and “open 24hrs.” Was bummed to realize you were closed, and to not of had the opportunity to see the store or possibly run into one of the stars from the show. Maybe I can make another trip someday, and catch you guys during “working” hours.

  58. My whole family is addicted to watching Pawn Stars. Everyone (by everyone I mean Rick and the old man) is really so smart and so interesting to listen to.

    I would also like to know like a previous post if Chumlee and Corey got the kite down off the light. That was freaking hysterical!!

    You guys keep us laughing….

  59. i reaaly love the show-it is quite popular here in canada-how come yous don’t show any estate jewellery or old paintings/love the on-scene location shots of vegas-great for tourism dollars-

  60. DO NOT GO TO THE WORLD FAMOUS GOLD AND SILVER PAWN DUMP its soooooo!!!!!! shity in there the doorman looks like a pile of black dark SHIT!!!! I stopped watching the show,why watch something that is fake. TV can really trick you, but black dark shit stacked that high with legs and arms that stands by the door is real.

  61. handmade in korea wood chess set,very rare,intricate detail,1950’s $200.00 will ship for free>email me,i will replay with pics cheers!!!!>great show,love pawn stars!!!

  62. I like watching ur show, I’m gonna be in vegas for Anational pool tournament August 19-23. I want to stop by ur shop, how far r u away from the Hotel Riveraia. Thanks alot for the history u provide. U r show is cool.

  63. My family is a huge fan of your show. We always look forward to watching together. It is so interesting to see your family interactions and we also enjoy learning the history of the items brought into your store. We were in Las Vegas on Monday and came by to see the store. I had read several blogs from another website that were not very complimentary. They talked about how rude everyone was and how disappointed they were to see the store. I have an 11 and 15 year old that are fans so I warned them not to be disappointed if our visit was not what they expected. I am happy to say that we enjoyed our visit very much. We especially enjoyed talking with Cindy – who worked in the souvenier area. She was very nice to us and made us feel very welcome to be there. I told her that my 11 year old daughter was a big fan of Chumlee and was hoping to get his autograph. Within a few minutes, Chumlee came out and autographed her notebook and took a picture with her. He made her day. My husband also bought me a silver ring while we were there. Thanks for a great visit. We will continue to enjoy your show.

  64. Is Chumlee single ? He is so HOT !!!!

  65. Great show. But come on guys–no F words. We need to all set examples for our young people. I watch you faithfully–and love to learn!

  66. I’m coming to Vegas this weekend, June 18-20 and I’m planning on stopping by the shop……… main goal is to get my picture taken with Chumley…..I told my family that I was going to do it and they didn’t believe me. I’ll show them!! I LOVE the show.

  67. Love the show! Just don’t think it over when Rick gives his offer because you are finished! Lol. Rick’s passion for Americana and American relics is really refreshing

  68. My wife and I were in Las Vegas last week to visit our family, and purchased a necklace. I had the opportunity to interact with Rick the day after the purchase, and he was very helpful. He was just as nice in person as he appeared to be on TV. Thanks Rick for your assistance. Please tell Victoria that she did a great job representing your store.

  69. I would like a little history on the Jim Morrison picture that is filmed in the background of all your shows. Is it for sale ?
    How much ?

  70. What a great TV show! The next time that I visit Las Vegas, I want to come by and shake your hand!

  71. on your 5:30 cst show, you had an old time coke machine. we have a pepsi machine from selective milk & beverage vendors, Ideal dispenser co. Bloomington,Ill. this is when there were only glass bottles made, & it cost just a dime. you open the top, insert the dime, & have the bottle go thru a sequence to get it out.
    would there be an interest?

  72. Hi guys, My husband and I love the show. We will be in Vegas on our 30th anniversary July 5th, and are going to come by the shop and maybe purchase something real nice, (for me)!! Hope to met Rick and the “old man”, he makes the show. I wish you continued sucess.

  73. My husband & I visited the shop in May – we found EVERYONE to be delightfully helpful, considering the crowd in the store. I’ve read thru some of the comments already posted and it’s a shame a few had a bad experience. I too was hoping to get a picture, all the guys were in the office, but I talked to Gabrielle at the register and she stated “you just have to hang around and they come out sooner or later”. These guys are just common everyday guys and can you now imagine how swamped they get with people (like us) trying to see them? I imagine it can be a bit overwhelming to them. PAWN STARS is the GREATEST show the History Channel has ever broadcast and I hope it’s recorded and televised for years to come! A totally refreshing piece of entertainment by four unique and individual guys! KEEP IT UP!

  74. Love your show-its awesome-Rick,Hoss,Mr Harrison(the old man) yo guys are awesome-much respect-keep up the good work.
    You have a huge fan here,although not as huge as Hoss,
    regards to Chumlee–the show is great I watch it every chance I get and when I dont get the chance I use my DVR!!!

  75. Hi, I enjoy watching Pawn Stars every week. I have some information about the Playboy magizine that you recently purchased. I hate to tell you that the copy you have was stolen in 1975, from Hef’s private collection. How do I know this? I worked at the mansion from 1974 to 1977, and during a private party it went missing out of Hef’s private collection in his library. All first copy’s, first prints of Playboy is written in stone to be given to Hef for his library. At the time it went missing, I was working the late night and graveyard shift. I was required to take a lie detector test to clear my name. You may want to call the mansion, and talk to Mary O’Conner or Hef. After it went missing there was a reward for the return of it. If I remember it was like $10K or so, with no questions asked. Don’t quote me on the price, Hef values that copy very much, if it is the first copy, first edition. Good Luck and God Bless.

  76. Hi Guys, Just to say that I love Vegas & your show just gave me another reason to love it more. In 2 years after my daughter graduates High School I am planning to drive down to Vegas from Illinois & bringing in a few old family airlooms to show you. (Including an original oil piece.) Looking forward to it. Take care Linda :)

  77. Hey, we are in Witt IL….My husband watches your show all the time..Hope to get out that way sometime to come by just to meet you guys….I am also interested in some coins we saw on your show…I have your # so will call you…I want one of them for a friend who would really appreciate it…He is a super fellow and works in the coal mines for years….You bought some one day….They were coal coins that years ago people were paid with them and could only use them in the co. stores etc…Kind of unfair to be paid that way but would love to have one to give to Tom for his little mine collection of stuff…He would love it!!!! It truly would mean something to give him one of them and I can’t think of anything I would rather do then do that for him…..Thanks, and I’ll be calling….Mary Kimball

  78. just want to know if you have a website that shows items in your shop for sale

    • Not right now no – sorry

  79. Why don’t you list all your old stuff on the site so we can buy it over the internet?

  80. I just ordered two T-shirts today and am awaiting arrival. I hope to be in Vegas in the next several months and can’t wait to visit your store. I have read the comments on this blog and am saddened on the negative waves. As a social worker and first responder for the past 17 years I have seen just about every side of humanity…good and bad. There is no reason to write such harmful comments.

  81. Hi Guys
    My husband I love your show. We are coming to Vegas soon and will be dropping by and hope to see all of you. Will I be able to take some pictures of you and videos too? This would mean so much.
    Looking forward for the vist. Until than

    • Yep for sure :)

  82. I love y’alls show, from Va. I let a beautiful antique watch go for 100 last year and have never seen one like it. got ripped but had horrible bills! I have a lot of old jewelry, Have looked on the computer till I was seein stuff. I would love to know an easier way of gettin an idea of the value of it cuz I got 2 boys(3&6) so no one to pass it too.Any suggestions. great show!

  83. Hi guys, I have a sword and bayonet I am wanting to sell and was wondering a good way to find the value of them. I would come out to the shop, but I live in Ohio. Thanks

  84. Hello Guys.

    well 1st like like to say hello. watch the show when I can. like Rick I like history as well. but I tried looking at your web site, could’nt see all your items. I like firearms, and Historical papers, I also collect Comis as well. I seen a firearm I like . if it has’nt been bought yet the English Sidearm That was actually made in France, that came with a switch blade bayonet. also like the blunderbuss. I’am a member of SCA( Society for Creative
    Anachronism The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Our “Known World” consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, various classes & workshops, and more.” . But I alos like early American History. Alos would like to see how meny comics you have. Thank you for your time shawn, Blackwell,Oklahoma

  85. Hey, How do I get my hands on an autographed picture of the crew? My wife has a 50th Birthday coming up and it would be a gas to give her that.

    • We only usually do them in the shop – that and check out eBay :)

  86. Hey,
    We’re heading down your way this coming Sat, July 3rd. Any chance we can drop by and say hi and get our picture taken with you guys? It would mean a lot to us. See you soon, I hope!



  87. Hello, everyone! I lived in Las Vegas in the 1970’s and haven’t been back since: everyone says I’d never recognize the place! I used to live on Casino Center Boulevard, and worked at the Social Security office just 4 blocks up the street from where the Pawn Shop is now. I was stunned to learn of a fatal shooting in the federal building earlier this year.

    I love the show and am amazed at how much Rick and the Old Man know about the merchandise. Hoss and Chum need to learn about more than motorcycles, though! LOL!


  88. Rick: Watch your show all the time love it refreshing to see an honest dealer I have a ted williams laurona eibar over and under 12 gauge nickle plated with dual gold triggers vented rib barrel cant find a value beautiful gun can you help?

  89. coming to Vegas this month. i own a used furniture store in Texas. kind of like a pawn shop for furniture. love watching you negotiate price with customers on items, as i do everyday. coming to your store while there to get some pics and buy some gear for my employees. we all watch the show.

  90. We Love your show out here in Rhode Island. I own a pub, and me and the guys in there have a good ol time haggling over what’s real or fake or what the final price will be. We’re all hooked on watching. My husband and son are heading to Vegas in October..wish I was going so I could stop into the shop and say “Hey”…Best regards!

  91. Will be in las Vegas in about 3 weeks and would like to know if we are allowed to take pictures with the Harrison’s and Chumlee

    • Of course! We love it!

  92. What is the best time to visit the store to be sure to meet the main charachters in the show?

    • M-F on business hours and not around lunch :) Thanks!!

  93. How’s it going guys, my family and I love your show. I hope that soon you will put some of the items on line so we could be able to buy them. We live all the way in alabama so getting to Vegas will remain a day dream for quite awile. Chum lee rocks lol

  94. I just want to thank Chumlee for being cordial to me after I unwittingly invaded
    his time out space at the pawn shop after they spent hours signing autographs.
    I came to the shop on June 28, 2010, naively thinking all the guys would be
    working in the pawn shop and I’d be able to chat with them but soon realized how
    big a celebrity they’ve all become. I saw Chumlee behind the desk on a computer
    and asked one of the guys there if I could get his autograph and was told I’d
    just missed the opportunity. Being from Hawaii I didn’t know when I’d be able
    to have this chance again so I asked when they’d be meeting the public again.
    He asked Chumlee and Chumlee looked at me and said “We were just signing
    autographs for four hours sir and don’t know when they’ll be doing it again”. I
    was just tickled that we made eye contact and he called me sir and didn’t appear
    upset that I took some of his personal time away from him. Thanks again

  95. Hey Guys, I am a huge fan of the show. I will be in Vegas in August to get married. I told my future wife that I could not leave the state until I stop by and see yall. I really want to get everybody’s autograph and possibly get pictures of everyone…..even Chum. I think I have some old coins to bring with me to see what your expert eyes think. I told a friend that I would make sure I would get a picture with Chumlee, so hopefully he is there. So yall soon.

  96. Rick
    Love your show and can’t wait to get out to Vegas and stop by the
    store. Mater of fact, I am watching your show right now! Never missed
    a one. The best show on tv!

  97. do you still have the robert goulet drivers license? can I put a deposit on it? and will you list more vintage collectibles on ebay?

  98. one more post from me. love the show. I think you overpaid by $1000 on the Iwo Jima Maps. I love war collectibles. I collect WWI/WWII/Vietnam letters. The maps you guys bought was nice, but doesnt tell a story like a good letter with war content. After they lifted censorship after the Germans surrendered, there were some great letters written. …NEXT TIME YOU GUYS BUY A PLANE (the cessna you bought), get a sonar radar check to check for fatigue cracks!! …my unsolicited advice.) …and on coins, you guys might not be expert graders, but learn how to check to see if a coin has been cleaned! …hey you guys might be interested in a set of 7 original negatives I have of the Rocky Marciano-Jersey Joe Walcott fight-the negatives allegedly came from the liquidated files of the defunct Chicago Daily News. another thing: on fake Rolexes, another trick: A fake Rolex might be a great fake, so you want to teach those guys how to spot a fake Rolex Band!!!! sometimes the fake has weight, but the band doesnt have enough weight.

  99. Hi , I do genealogy and found several david alexander shepards Civil war, re silver flask. If you could email the dates from the note, did it list what state he was in I may be able to find some provenance! Love the show and appreciate your policies. Antique n History Geek

  100. “Dantes Inferno.” I can understand you not making a deal on that. People with old books dont understand one basic thing: Its called Gold and Silver Pawn. It might someday be called Harrison and Son, but its not called Sanford and Son. You guys dont want to turn it into a used book shop or a junk shop. I have a small collection of pocket watches. When I started seeing more of the pocket watches at antique shows and online, it became more apparent, theres a lot of merchandise out there, and damaged collectibles in average to less than average condition are a waste of money. The 61 Lincoln should be a basic lesson for you guys as far as cars go. A “2 of 3″ rule. The car had a good engine, and good exterior. It needed an interior. you had 2 of 3. 2 of 3 leaves room for profit. 1 of 3 is break-even. 0 of 3 is a lose-money proposition.

  101. Hi I love your show!!!! How old do you have to be to come into the shop? Are kids allowed? Like are ten year olds allowed? I really love guessing the quizzes. I really would love to come meet you, Rick. I like hearing the history of all the pieces. My mom and I really enjoy guessing the quizzes. I usually guess them. I love it when you take a really old rusty item to get fixed it amazes me. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. i love your show u help me with prices allll the time i would like to be an appraiser so can u have chummlee email me at

  103. You didnt post my question. I asked you guys: Do you still have the Robert Goulet drivers license? Can I put a deposit on it? AN IMPORTANT item of interest to you: tonight I watched the episode in which Corey and the old man bought the fake WHO woodstock-contract for $200. Guys: I knew right away it was the printed giveaway from an album: I saw the item on Antiques Roadshow! I dont understand how you guys love when antiques and collectibles come thru the door, yet you guys apparently dont watch antiques roadshow!!!!! ….I saw the episodes where you guys were talking about spotting fake Rolex watches. Only problem is, you guys need to know how to spot a fake Rolex band, as well!! something to think about!! And you overpaid by around $1100 on the Iwo Jima maps!!!!!

  104. Rick ….just caught replay of the flask. Is Shepard [1st] the correct spelling? I only caught 1883. To the bloggers…If you don’t have anything nice to say it is best to say nothing! If I was the Mod I would be giving the guy at the door your address and you know who you are.

  105. yeah, the replay Judi T is talking about, was last night. the flask was nice; The flask probably will make up for the fake bugle! (….I saw a nice Silver Flask in my town here in Florida. It was from the Boer War; It had the names of an Engish regiment engraved on the side. A presentation flask to an officer.) Last nights episodes also featured the basketball arcade game that Corey offered $600 for! Is Corey famililar with the old Japanese Pachinko machines? that basketball arcade game is basically a modification of a Pachinko-style game.

  106. When are picture and autograph signings? I would sure hate to miss it. We will be in Las Vegas July 11 – July 14.

  107. Please, please, please. On TV, at least, every time an item comes into the shop supposedly associated with General Custer’s 7th Cavalry, Rick mispronounces the word Cavalry and instead says “Calvary”. Cavalry is applied to men who ride on horses, Calvary is the mount on which Jesus Christ preached. It’s a small point, but it makes Rick sound like an uneducated nincompoop.

    C-A-V-A-L-R-Y is not C-A-L-V-A-R-Y.

  108. When Rick Dale restored that old gas-pump, he took the inner pump mechanism out. He said people dont want to be smelling gas in their livingroom. Well. seems to me you ruined the mechanical patina of the gas-pump, taking out that pump. What gas? the pump is decades old! Rick Dale could have given that pump mechanism a flush, and flushed out any gas residue! Bottomline I think taking the pump mechanism out of the gas pump made it much more light-weight! Much easier to move around.

  109. …the episode in which the woman came into the shop with a box of playboy magazines. Lot of crap? Im thinking you could have tried to come to some dirt-cheap price for the magazines, then stripped all the advertisements out of those Playboys, and put the advertisements in cheap frames and put them out on a table for sale. People love old ads. People wish they had the money or space for old antiques. Thats what drives people to buy old ads in antique stores! If you get another customer thru your door, carrying a box of worthless playboys, open a few of the magazines, and look at the car ads! One playboy has how many car ads! you clip out those ads, and you have potential revenue three or four times what you paid for the magazine.

  110. Last week, you guys had some low-end computers for sale on Ebay. You have to know what you’re buying! If you get a customer pawning or selling a computer, turn it on, go to the control panels, and get the hardware and software specs. How many Gigabytes of memory? How many gigabytes of harddrive storace capacity? what kind of software? what version of the operating system? what type of video-card? now computers are in a transition phase of going from 32-bit to 64-bit operating systems! People dont want cheap out-dated computers, and even 6 months or a year old is out-dated. You cant part-out a computer like you can a car! sometimes, but not often. Definitely cannot part-out a laptop!!! only table-top computers. How much crap do you have in your buy room? If you spent a day in your buy-room, how much obsolete crap-computers will you find? And cameras are all digital today!!!!!! I bet you have conventional-film cameras in your buy room, right?


  112. Hey I love your guys show, my mom is getting married in Vegas next Spring and were stoping by the shop. I’m a big toy collector and a HUGE HUGE transformers fan so I was very bummed to see you didn’t buy that transformers collection. Do you guys have any transformers stuff or cool toys that I might be interested in?

  113. I love you show it shows the fun and the stress of family run business that a lot of people don’t realize. It can make or break a business.. I really enjoy the different types of stuff that is brought in and you call your friends to look at it to verify . I need Dana’s expertise on a bottle we dug up while digging a foundation it was about 3 foot in ground i t is crock very small and probally fron 1700 or 1800’s.Keep up the great show it is something the whole family can enjoy.

  114. I first saw Rick on the miniseries History: The Story of Us several months ago & was impressed by his knowledge. This show is the best ever & it should win an Emmy!! Its so good to see REAL people for a change, their flaws too. We love them all, especially after seeing their eBay auction was a 100% charity event. Keep up the good work.

  115. Love the show. The old man cracks me up, he tries so hard to be tough yet it’s obvious he has a warm creamy center. I hope your show runs for another 10 years.


  117. Hi! I was wondering if yall do estimates over the phone or email? For example, I have a 4 piece Switzerland-Helvetia 1986 proof set of coins 999.9 pure gold (1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, & 1/10 oz ) and I wouldn’t know where to take it, except to your store! Problem is, I’m from Dallas, TX! I’d love to put it in the right hands.

    • We don’t – sorry!

  118. Marc Smilen, if you read in the posts above they only deal with in store customers. So if they have something you want go to the store and buy it!!! Quit being a moron.

  119. went to the pawn shop while in Vegas on July 21st. they were filming when got there, so we had to wait outside until done. the line was somewhat long to get in, but luckily we were close to the front. they brought water out for the people waiting ,for sale of course, but at least they did try to help us deal with the heat. we saw Rick and Chumlee. pretty cool. bought some t-shirts for me and my employees, and my daughter got a pic with the big guy who guards the front door.

  120. Rick, answer the blog questions!!! do you still have the robert goulet drivers license??? fu–ing A, man!! Im asking a merchandise question, and I cant get a friggin answer in a TIMELY manner!!!!!

  121. Hey Marc Smilen, shut the H#ll up! No one cares about your opinions, give it a rest dude. You really think Rick wants to do business with you? I’d re-think that one. Looks like you been stalking this guy for the better part of the month. Wow, some peoples children…

    Rick and crew, love the show wasn’t a fan at first but my husband got me hooked. I might even be able to talk him into a trip to Vegas to come see you some guys some day. Take care and Thanks!



  124. hi guys, from one of your biggest fans. i love your show! not only are you guys a laugh a minuet to watch you are very informative on the history and value of the things brought into your shop. i have arare 19th century french double barrel fowling piece, rare because it is very ornate and in increadible mint condition that i would like to bring into your shop. my question is ; when do you film your episodes. ive never been on tv; always wanted to be, and it would be a dream realized and an honor for me to be on your show. once again, keep doing what your doing, its just GREAT!

  125. Hello gentleman. I am an avid fan of the show. Not just cause cool stuff comes in all the time, but due to the fact that you guys really know what you are talking about and theres passion involved. Im not looking for a price here, i was just wondering if you could refer me to someone or somewhere that i could contact in hope of finding information on a couple pieces that i have found nothing on the internet. I have posted information and pics on on website to try to find fresh eyes and i started this a few years back. Any help would be appreciated. Instead of sending pics i would just give you links that have already been created. Again any help would be appreciated. Love the show
    candle holder but not really sure,61602.msg441755.html#msg441755

    a jfk plate that i cant find a duplicate of and ive tried contacting the art group still no luck,266650.msg1898908.html#msg1898908

  126. I have a Signature Humingbird Guitar signed by Gloriana brand new in the box it came in what would something like that be worth…

  127. I also have a 1928 knee knocker singer sowing machine wth attatchments that I need to know what it would be worth maybe you could help with these things…

  128. No Robt Goulet License??? Marc’s not Smilen anymore!

  129. Did the hot air balloon ever sell? My husband and I watch all the time. Love the family, the business, the fun information and the interesting people that come into the shop.

  130. Sent here because contact form on website isn’t working.

    First let me say you have a great show, and I really enjoy every episode. In fact, American Pickers just toured a guy’s collection and he had the same cylindrical jukebox I’d just seen on your show. Great stuff!
    Do you have any way to authenticate an apparently original Flying Tigers design on an original flight jacket? Reason I ask is this: I bought an early jacket from a military antiques dealer in Canada a few years ago, then at a nearby yard sale met a fellow who was selling off some of his dad’s old Disney stuff, and he mentioned his dad worked with Disney for many years including WW2. Too much of a coincidence, and I never got to ask him about the jacket, because I didn’t know about the Disney/Flying Tigers connection back then. If you have an eMail I can send you some pictures.
    I, too, seem to run across some unusual things from time to time, and while I don’t collect a lot of things, if its a one of a kind, fits in with the decor and looks reasonably authentic, I often buy it. Keep up the good work, and whatever it is Chumlee does! :)

    PS: I wish I knew about you folks when I was selling my bronze commissioning plaque for the USS Northampton. At least its in the Navy’s museum now.

    PPS: On the “Old Man’s” info page on your web site, the word “archival” appears and probably should have been “arch rival”

  131. We are visiting Vegas in two weeks (from Wisconsin), love the show and want to check it out. Is there a time of the day that is better than others? I’m not sure what your taping schedule is like. Thanks!!

  132. Hey guys I love the show! Can’t wait to come visit with my friends in October! Keep up the good work! To Marc- Are you done being rude now that they finally answered your question? They’re busy and will get to you when they can.

  133. what is your ebay i.d.? i’d like to see what you auction off. it might be fun to bid on some of it. my family enjoys your show. keep it up. thanks

  134. Hi Pawn Stars! Really love your show…I have a ’64 Tbird…Red..390 engine Black interior. I’m the second owner and refurbished the engine, brakes, 2 1/2″ whitewall tires…75% restored…66K miles…small paint issues but looks great. Really need to sell and would appreciate you buying the car and giving it a new home. Your Dad would look really cool in this car!..:) Its been appraised around 8K and will sell for just $3500. I have 3 kids in college and am widowed…please consider. Thanks. (can send pics)

  135. Hi there. I have a 38cal. 5 in bullet shell. From Jul of 1945. Is this something u guys will buy? I can send u a picks.

  136. show kicks ass i just visited the shop on aug 13 just missed the cast but was still cool i found a paper on the ground outside it was a copy of a stolen recovery paper from lvmp sighned by rick and someoneelse from gold and silver pawn wird thing is it is from 2004 who knows free souviner

  137. Rick, interesting show. I am sure that you knew months ago that with fame comes the marcs of the world.

    To Marc Smilen: You need therapy. Go bug Kate Gosselin. She loves the attention.

    To people trying to sell Rick something: These guys are making big money through the show and they have real customers in the store to deal with. The producers, Littlefield films, have a link to post items that they may consider letting you appear on the show with. Follow the directions on there official website. They have ab ebay store, ID goldsilverpawn. They are not going to buy stuff from you on this blog. They have 40 employees that do the bulk of the work and you will most likely deal with one of them. This has gotten to big for one man to handle everyone personally. This is more or less a fan blog.

  138. I saw the episode where you bought a silver civil war flask that had a note/history of the flask in the cup section. Do you still have it and what is your asking price if you do.

    Thanks and love the show!

  139. have a list of several antiques and collectibles for sale including a catalog from the estate of rudolph valentino auction 1926 and a 1947 capt. midnight code o graph whistle. do you have an email address i can send this list to other than this site?


  140. Hey Guys,

    Your show is the best. What is your eBay ID? I can’t seem to find you guys on there.

    Also, If you ever come across any Nap Lajoie baseball items, memorabilia, please email me and let me know. Thanks.

  141. hey rick,

    You interested in a book called “All My Octobers” autographed by Mickey Mantle?

  142. I have a complete sheet ( 40 ) of elvis stamps that have a double image. They are in pristine condition and I am wanting to sell them. we got them at the post office the first day they became available and the postal supervisor tried to buy them back immediately. I have pictures of them. Can email me response at

  143. Love this show even reruns of reruns. I also am intrigued by that train that is always in the case behind you all. How does one go about obtaining all of your autos? Rick SMILE a little more

  144. I was wondering if you sell anything on the internet? Ebay? Or elsewhere?

    • yep ebay goldsilverpawn is our id

  145. Love the show and when I was in Vegas I went to the shop to buy my grandsons t shirts and hoped that I could get a autograph of Chum Lee for them but you were on the road. Keep doing what your doing.

  146. Love your show, but you need a music expert and I’m volunteering. ‘Cause you can buy 10 copies of Dylan’s “Self Portrait” for $75. Worst. Album. Ever.

  147. I love you guys!
    I plan to come to Las Vegas just to come to see your shop
    And hopefully see one of the guys.
    And I really want to buy something from you guys!
    Love you!


  148. Hey can I buy something online from you guys?

  149. I think you guys are a good luck charm for Ole Miss. Your “Are You Ready?” message prior to Saturday’s game was priceless. The crowd went wild. Since Chumlee doesn’t know where Ole Miss is located, you all have an open invitation to visit our tent in The Grove prior to any home football game. BTW, tell Chum and Big Hoss Ole Miss has the reputation of red-shirting Miss America’s. I’m sure all of you would enjoy the view.

  150. We were in LV this past week and my husband and I went into the Pawn Shop with other friends to sell a few things including 2 pieces of jewelry from the 1800’s, needless to say we were disappointed not to see anyone from the show there and even more disappointed when I went to the counter to try to see my pieces and your employee was very rude and arrogant, we have been faithful views of your show and we were so disheartened about how we were treated, we just left without taking and pictures or buying anything. Your show is a farce of what your shop is really about. I can’t believe we faithfully watched every episode and now I have no desire to watch anymore with the way we were treated.
    I am disappointed not to sell these items we brought but the way we were treated so rudely was unacceptable, It ruined our whole trip to Las Vegas which we had not been there in 8 years.

  151. Just watched an Eposide of the show (awesome show btw) where a gentlemen came in with 5lb’s of stamps worth absolutely nothing. I just wanted to say Kudos to Rick for supporting him with sending one of the kids to camp anyway ! wtg!

  152. Hello Pawn Stars
    From Toronto, Canada.
    Wish you were here.
    I love this show and all the characters on it.
    Rick is a favorite. Well they all are.
    Perfect fit for each other.
    Keep the shows coming. Wish you had a camera in the store to watch 24/7. Love it.

  153. I have guitar played by Shawn lennon. anyone interested

  154. Hi, you guys…

    Love the show! Learning a lot…and having a great time watching.
    Just saw the episode with the Woody Woodpecker plastic door knocker. FYI: I had one of those as a kid in the 60’s. It was a premium from a box of cereal that cost $1.50 with a couple of box tops. It came unassembled and attached to a flat door surface with doublestick tape (provided). The fact that Old Man took it off the seller’s hands for 20 bucks made me laugh…and also wonder where all the other crap I had as a kid is today. Probably in a landfill.
    Keep up the great work!

  155. Hey guys love the show. Do you still have the cannon that I saw on tonights show(10/25/10). Feel free to email me back with a price or please respond if it’s not available. Thanks in advance and to Corey and Chum ya’ll make Rick some damn money and stop buying freaking hot air balloons!

  156. Great show guys I really enjoyed seeing the parade saddles

  157. Is there anyway I can send stuff by mail in? I have some sweet old comic books but live in Ohio. I could send pics or what not first just curious what they’re worth they are pretty old

  158. I love chumlee i was actually wanting too name my son charles so i can nickname him chumlee

  159. First off, I want you guys to know I love your show. So much that when I was visiting vegas, I had to stop in. I figured one of you would be working like it says above on your website. I was kinda disappointed not to see anyone, then to top it off I had brought a coin that I was going to try and sell or trade. The guy working the front desk obviously didn’t know what he was doing. He told me it wasn’t real gold. I know for a fact it is 10 grams of gold, I have had it looked at prior to coming there. I brought to you hoping the coin itself might be worth more than its weight in gold. I hope your traning these guys, you could have had another great piece of history in your shop. Anyways I do love the show, keep it going.

  160. I have watched your show a couple of times, and I absolutely love it. I work a lot
    So I am not always able to catch the episodes, but I have in my posession an autographed
    T- shirt by the olympic medalist Svetlana Boganskaya. I have been to a couple of
    Pawn shops in my area, and have seen many buyers all giving me different prices as to its
    Worth. I was wondering how much you gentleman would price it at to give me some

  161. Love, Love, Love your show!! Always interesting and lots of laughs thrown in there!! Watch from PA. I have seen in the background a signed picture of Boris Karloff. Is that for sale????

  162. I am ADDICTED to Pawn Stars! I especially love when there are marathons of the show. I will sit and watch them all day long, going as long as i can without a potty break. All of the guys are fabulous but Chumlee holds a special spot in my heart. He is just so sweet and he’s always getting picked on by the other guys. You can’t help but feel bad for the poor guy. Chumlee, i think i speak for a lot of other people when i say “keep your head up, we love you, and you’re doing a great job”!

  163. Hi Fellas.. Congrats on the success of “Pawn Stars” ! I have quite fond memories of visiting your store back around 1990 just after moving to Las Vegas. I used to come in just to look around. I was in radio school and didn’t have much money and it was something to do that didn’t cost anything. I may have bought a few little things and remember meeting Rick – who seemed nice about me being a “lookyloo”. I also remember your Dad sitting at the desk behind the counter. My husband and I love the show.. Continued good luck, guys!

  164. im interested in buying an item from u guys, i see it on the show in the display all the time but do not see it on your guys ebay selection, it is a sword like object, white in colour and looks to be asian and maybe ivory i dont know if someone coud get back to me on this that woud much appreciated.
    Thank you

  165. Headed down next Sunday for a show in Vegas. Will get out to the shop as I’m looking for something Original for my new home in Toronto. Canada Eh!.


    Big Moose! “Adrian”

  166. Hey, how does someone living in Holland…(that person would be me)..visit your shop that would be around the 4800miles away.. i know buy a flight ticket..but yeah im 17 years old.
    so its not something that i can do when ever i like to.
    point is.. the show is Awesome.. when i get a chance, im sure ill come. !!

    Greeets From Holland !! ;D

  167. hi, i am a big fan of the show, i love all the funny stuff like chumley and the old man. i would love to a personal auto graphed photo of rick,oldman,chumley and corey. if you have the “piggy cook” have the old man hold it in the picture. is it still avalible? if so how much would you ask for it, i am sorta looking for one, especially the one from the show. i loved it when chumley & cory bought the hot air balloon. well take acre and i’ll keep watchin.

    please email me and we can mybe talk.

    your biggest fan, always,
    ken nowicki,muskego,wis

  168. As a USN Retired SMC, I couldn’t help but notice the 12 inch searchlight
    shutter assembly sitting on the shelf there………….Was the “Ole Man” a
    retired Signalman?

  169. My husband and I watch your show all the time and we love it. The other Pawn shows are all for show. You guys seem “Genuine”. Your shop is definately on my “Bucket” list of places I want to visit.Keep up the good work. We live in Virginia and your show is very popular here! We feel like we know you all. Thanks for keeping us entertained every week. We wish we could view your merchandise online, especially your jewelry!

  170. Hey Guys! i love the Show, your shop looks like the Best with the coolest stuff, i hope i could go one day and check it out
    Love From Venezuela S.A

  171. Hi guys,
    Just wanted to say I truly enjoy watching every episode of Pawn Stars. We had a Marathon on today, Monday, Feb.20/12 as it is a Holiday in 3 Canadian Provinces. I learn so much from watching the show, and truly admire the Experts you call in, we are getting to know them quite well. Their knowledge is incredible. Sadly, I’ve heard that when people go to Vegas and visit your Shop, there are usually none of you present. Well, I would have to ensure Rick woudl be present prior to going as he is well, one of my favs. You are all great, with wonderful personalities. I love the Old Man, Cory and Chum Lee.
    Keep up the great job with the show, and I wish you continued success for many years to come. I don’t have anything of value to bring in for appraisel or sell; however do have a cat that snores like Chewbaccka from Star Wars, but would never part with my Baby.

    Again, we Canadians love your show, none compares to it.
    Kindest regards,
    Delina (ONTARIO, Canada)

  172. Im absolutely love your show. I would kill to work there for minimum wage! Dream job…..

  173. From avery small village in England all I can say about the show is love it love it love it wish I WAS THIER.

  174. I just watched your new episode tonight, ( the one where you almost bought Steve McQueens Indian). I noticed that you have a toy tank it’s a German tank, I have one just like it, from around 1976, can you tell me anything about it and is it worth anything???

    AJ – from Alberta, Canada

  175. I love your show! It is my favorite. I really am fond of “The Old Man”. I love everything bout him. He is just too cute and looks like a gangster. I love it. I would love to come to your shop. I’m in Tennessee but maybe Ill get there…….and meet “Old Man”.

  176. I love your show and i love that you authenticate your items so i am interested in some of them, thank ou

  177. Show is great, you get to learn something & be entertained. We, my wife Linda , & I did not get to see any of ‘the guys’ and we came from Tampa, Fl. Oh well, we still can see the show. Wish I would have taken my Civil War book from which battle emplacements we changed at Gettysburg, I have a letter from the then superintendent stating this fact & gotten a price. Oh well, you guy’s stay well & be well.

  178. My wife and I Love your show but we will never be able to visit you ! Our income is limited ,even though I pray to our lord to help us because just once I would love to see the beauty of you state and to meet you guys but I’ll just have to settle for TV. antway keep up the good work and keep the “old man” awake LOL
    Take care guys
    Warren Rambo

  179. Hi,
    We are headed to LV on Tuesday 6/5. I recently purchased what I think is a 1920’s era roulette wheel with chips in a fabric and leather case that resembles a hat box.I thought I would bring it into the shop while there and wondered if it would be anything you would be interested in?

    • Kim,
      we are always interested in old casino chips! Bring it on down to the shop when you get here and we’ll take a look.

  180. have to say i enjoy watching the show and all of u guys and it just is mind boggling how low u can get these people to pawn there stuff lol i find myself talking to the tv saying damn dont do it lol. u have to make a profit understandable and ur doing it very well :-) just keep being real and the way u guys are. take care each and every one of you.

  181. hi im from the england united kingdom and i totally love you guys, the show is brilliant, i have an old ralco ladies leather strapped wristwatch which i know is worth something nice but wondered if u knew of any other ralcos and their worth as i can only find 2 online.thanks so much, from miss ashley scott

  182. Hey, my names’s Tom And I’m from Pa.. My wife and I love the show we watch it all the time We are flying into Vegas on the 15th. Can’t wait to come see the shop in person. Hopefully we get to see one of you guys when we’re there! And once again we love the show! – Tom

  183. Absolutely love the show, have it on record on sky+ constantly. Coming over to Vegas for my lovely girlfriends 21st birthday. Hope to see at least one of the family or chum lee because I wanna haggle over the superman poster on the wall there. ps. Hardcore Pawn sucks because the two kids are spoiled losers. Pps. The mother inlaw (also coming over in November or early December) Old Man. Haha. Much love, Liam, Halifax UK.

  184. i really love the show.. chum makes it so great to watch! plus the old man is a great kick!
    Go pawn stars. Chum did great with the book on last nights episode

  185. Will be in Vegas next week on our hols woo hoo. Visiting from Northern Ireland, just started watching the show. Love it :) can’t wait to visit the shop :)

  186. u guys are truly awesome i really spend 12days to download ur 4season just becoz in indiana there is no place to findout the dvd so know i am on the last season of pawnstars and the evry episode the last 2minute is so good becoz at that time i see the funny part of chumlee and bighoss u rock man i can see u become gud than MR RICK and i big salute to old man the sleeping beauty :)

  187. I would like to purchase one of the silver coins that you had made of the old man. Please let me know how I can get one, thanks.

    • John,
      the coins are available in our eBay store.


  188. hey guys i belielve i have a rare elvis presley recording,it is hand written on a plain label 45 record,i have had the hand writing authenticated to be elvis,on one side and bill monroe on the other,the date on it is 1955,i have did all the research i can and was wondering if you may be able to help,and if you might be interested?if you dont have my e_mail i guess you can reply on here,look forward to your next show!thanx

    • Mike,
      That sounds pretty cool, you can bring it down to the shop anytime and let the guys look at it.

      • hey whats a 1984 team signed footall worth. the team is Dallas Cowboys.

  189. Love the show watch it all the time,chumlee is a laogh as always lol keep up the good work.

  190. Hope to see you guys and your store during NFR this year. It should be a breeze to get in if Chumley is guarding the door. See you in December.

  191. Love your show. I have so many antiques my Mom left me. Wish you had a shop close to me. I wouldn’t trust anyone in my small town to price them. Hope to see you all in Jan. if Santa gives me my wish! Luv, Luv, the show.

  192. Somebody essentially lend a hand to make critically posts I might state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and so far? I surprised with the analysis you made to create this actual submit extraordinary. Excellent job!

  193. I called the number to speak to someone about the Pinocchio Maranets and ChumLee hung up on me. I am bery interested in this item. My brother worked for Disney as a charater in the park and then worked his way up to choreographer for all the disney parades. This would be a great gift for us to give him for his birthday. Can you please contact me back by either phone or e-mail and let me know if this item is still available. Thank You Jennifer Reinhardt

    • Jennifer,
      Chum would never hang up on you! I am sorry to say, however, that the puppets were sold earlier this year.

      Thank you

  194. U guys rock u sell engagment rings?

  195. Coming down to Vegas in September. When is yhe best time to visit the store and be able to see you all in person. I just read an article that there is 5000 people line up everyday to visit your shop. We enjoy your show here in Canada! Especially Chumlee he makes the show!


  197. chumlee is a stud

  198. Hey, I love ur show first off second i was wondering if u guys would b interested in a 1800’s sears roebuck catolog? Not in mint condition but suprisely enough it’s in good condition for how old it is.

  199. hi to get a to first time ever that i travel and it was to vegas i love the show but no show pawn stars i was down there in june me and my 3 friends were down to your shop twice hoping to get to see one of u guys with disappointment we did not u guys were filming that monday we hang around but no show our loss of course maybe some day love your show keep up the great work i love the old man and all of you.we were there in vegas for 10 days but so very sorry we didnt get too see u guys take care. bonnie smith from sydney,ns cape breton
    i have a candian flag for u guys ps not all that great on computer .

  200. Hi,
    I wanted to ask where I could buy 50s and older U.S. currecny off you guys. I really want to make Rick some money !

    • John,
      we typically do not list our notes online, however, they are available for purchase in store. If you would like some info please contact them directly.

  201. I can not get enough of this show. I have learned so many interesting things. I just wanted to let you guys know that I think you all have a great thing going with your business as well as the show. I love to see individuals make money by the bucket(s) full when they deserve it and have earned it. I believe all of you have earned what you have achieved and wish you all continued success! Rick you seem like a really genuine person. I know you are proud of your family’s accomplishments, as well you should.

    Tommy Sadler, Powhatan Virginia

  202. Dear Pawn stars,

    firstly i give you my respect for such an amazing business. love your show pawn stars. but i am from india and we just had one season aired. over here. anyway thats that. what i was really saying was that u could open a branch here in india. as u might know there are many good things that you can find here. i just want u to think about it and let me know. my email is mentioned with the.details of this post. thanks one again.


  203. There is a picture that hangs right across from the desk. Its looks like a woman sitting on the floor against a wall. It hangs on a column. Is it for sale and where can i find more info on it? LOVE your show. You guys ROCK!!!!

  204. Kory/Chumlee- what Superbowl rings do you have available for sale? Thx, Bobby!

  205. hey guys love the show u guys are awesome moving to vegas from scotland soon can i have a job please il work for free seriously. il pull in all the lady clients for u guys. all the best from bonnie scotland

  206. We are coming to Vegas from Texas on the 11th-13th for the first time! Will Rick and Chumlee be in the shop? We’d like to visit and meet you all.

  207. Hey Rick, I just want to say I love the show. You and your old man are genius.
    quick question tho in the show I heard the old man say he was in the navy? So was he the one who started the the family pawn shop and just curious what made him go that route? oh yeah chumlee your freakin awsome man and big hoss how much does it cost to ride one of your bikes? just kidding….

  208. oh yeah did anyone watch the CAJUN Pawnstars? I think that show sucks ass compared to the Pawn Stars show Everyone knows rick,the oldman,big hoss, and of course chumlee rock the pawn world and all the wanna be’s need to stay the hell in alabama or were ever the cajun pawnstars is filmed cuz their show sucks skin pickles hahahah

  209. hey guy! im just wondering everytime i watch the shows i see some awesome guitars in the background. are any of the for sale?

  210. can anyone tell me how much is a vintage man utd scarf cost?

  211. Hey rick i’m not sure if it was part of the show or tv or what not but does everyone know that episode were you rick but that old coke machine? then took it to ricks restorastion to have it restored? well if anyone watches the shows that guy that sold you the old coke machine was ricks brother so you spent money on the coke machine then took it to his brother rick of ricks restoration or known as american restoration on tv and then spent even more money to those guys? i was just wondering if you were aware of that or if they like to ripp you off or if it was just part of the show? just wondering and if anyone knows the show look at ricks brother on the american restoration show then watch the pawn star episode were rick harris buys the old coke machine. just hate to see ya get screwed have a nice day.

  212. Gday guys @ pawn stars…I live down under as you Yanks say! Anyway I’m quite the fan of your show as I’ve had many people’s in my life pass away & the few possessions they have left me have led me to this interstate of …how much is that worth. Anyway I still have all of those possessions as I cherrish them. Great show…if you have any jobs worthwhile moving to the states I’d jump at the chance…cheers to you all. Garry Rebbeck…Adelaide. South Australia. 0416 837 841

  213. Dear All,

    hope you are all fine & doing well, i love your show and i am too much interest in your way of business all of you are doing gr8 job….i have a huge collection of watches All original such as ROLES, OMEGA, LONGINES, TISSOT and many others if you are interest to buy them kindly send me a mail so i can send you all the pictures and to talk about the deal.

    thanks alot

    Murtaza Sarwary

  214. From a south african living in taipei, taiwan, love your show, wish I could visit you one day, especially the “old man”!!!

  215. Dropped over $2000.00 on diamonds. Fantastic experience. Would like to have met all of you but Amanda said you would be in in the afternoon. She is a great sales person.

  216. Love,love, love this show!!! we are hooked on watching every episode.

  217. Hello. Just sitting in Vegas right now and would like to stop by the shop. Is there a specific time that you are open and not doing the show?

  218. Love the show. Very Interesting. Keep it up guys!! By the way do you guys know where I could find Battletoads?

    • We have the game battletaods available in our eBay store for purchase.
      thank you

  219. My 15 year old son and I are travelling from Australia to visit you guys will be in Vegas nov 3 till 8th. My son so wants to meet chum lee We both love the show. Hope we get the chance to meet

  220. I was disapoined, I came to Vegas and the 1st place that I went to was the pawn store, I even had some old thing’s to sell but they were filming for the show so we didn’t get in for 45 min., and they left the place. so I didn’t get to see any one but I got one of the siver coin’s with the old man on it.but I will be back to vegas next year. disapointed Jack

  221. Hi Guys! I’ve been wondering if you are interested in buying World War II Japanese MOney issued in the Philippines before Gen. McArthur came, also known as Mickey Mouse money… I have 20pcs of 100 peso bills in very good condition. thank you for your time. How much will you get them per piece. some of them are in order serials.

  222. I called about the raiders ring and you dont answer HOW MUCH I DONT WANT TO CME TO VEGAS

  223. Am a big fan of the show. I live in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. St John’s is the oldest city in North America. Rick would likely know that. He had a Newfoundland coin on the show one time. Pretty cool. My wife and I will be visiting Vegas for a week during the middle of October and definitely plan to drop by the Pawn Shop. Any chance that Rick, Big Hoss, Chumlee or The Old Man will be around? Would love to get a picture and some autoghaphs. Everyone I know watches the show. Very entertaining. Keep it up.

  224. Hey Guys: I was wondering if it would be worth coming over (I live in Ventura, CA. and don’t gamble, though I might go up the 95 to Beatty and down the backside to Death Valley, to make the trip worth while, if you are not interested) to maybe try to sell you two circa 1957 16 oz. Pepsi Bottles. What makes them ‘rare’ is that one is from Beirut, Lebanon and the other is from Baghdad, Iraq. After all the wars at both, how many ‘glass’ bottles do you think are still in existence? If you are interested, get back to me. Love the show, Steve

  225. I have a 1973 Chevrolet C-65 Cab ove chassis with a 20 stainless box set up as a mobile shop to make repairs at the Winston circuit. I believe it was owned by the greatest race car driver of all time. Would you be interested in looking at some pictures and negotiating a transaction.You have my email above, send me an email and I will reply with several pictures.

  226. Hey Chumlee
    How much a$$ do you get now that you’re famous? I bet my gf that you get laid a lot now.

  227. chumblee u r very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-p

  228. hi guys,i love the show. i record it a couple times a day & watch it for hours. cant get eonough. anyway,my wife i are huge crosby,stills & nash fans. can you tell me if that signed back guitar is still available? shes got a bithday coming up & it would be a great gift.thanks.big fan,im coming to vegas in about 2 weeks. we are gonna stop by.

  229. Hi guys, my Fiancee and I are great fans of the show. We’re coming over from the UK to Vegas next week to get married. We’d like to stop by and have a look around(I collect Diecast Military Aircraft models) and get some pics with Rick, Corey, the Old Man and Chumlee if possible?

  230. I love to watch this show and I want to know how I can buy the stuff i your shop. I am a big Tweety Bird freak and I collect all I can get Please email me and let me know what you have and how I can buy. Thank you. Carol Mann

  231. Im coming to Vegas march 1st and wanted to bring something by to see if interested. What are store hours and is there usually a wait to get inside?

  232. Firstly, I respect such an amazing business. I am from india and I like your show very much. I also have something to sell I.e a hockey stick which was used by Dhyan Chand for playing hockey in 1936 Olympics. It has signatures of all team members

  233. Rich, Corey, Chumlee, and old man haha you guys are awesome I watch your show every night while I’m at work! Your show is very educational and ill tell you one thing I learn like 10 new things of history that I never had a clue existed. You guys would be great history teachers well besides chum haha just kidding chum! But love your show and keep the episodes comming I wanna learn more! For the world don’t watch hardcore pawn it’s fake watch pawn stars it’s 100% better and it maybe be role played but at least you learn about values and not fighting! – Corey

  234. Thanks for such a great show! Finnally a great show that the wife even loves to watch hope to get through Vegas next year for the world of concrete show would love to meet u uys once again thanks alot for a great family show. Sincerely

  235. do you all have old us coins like large cent indiand head pennys

  236. Lovin the show! I’m a total addict lol
    I would be interested to see who buys some of the shop items also included on the show too

  237. Hi I live ur show I watch it all the time and I have something for u if u want it , message me if u want to c what it is

  238. Well, Love the show of course. You guys are damn entertaining.

    I’m leaving for a long road trip from Ottawa, Ontario. Rick, you may be interested in this. I will be visiting Indian and Cavalry battlefields from the “Old West”. Of course going that far I’ve got to get to Las Vegas.
    I will probably be the only visitor to your city that went there to see a Pawn Shop! How cool is that?

    Take care guys,



    From Ottawa, Ontario

  239. How much is the multi color Jim Morrison poster in the pawn shop that is framed and above one of the counters?

  240. Rick tell your Dad he has inspired me to stop being so nice!! I used this new found inspiration today and turned a $500.00 job into a $4000.00 actually you and your dad showed me mistakes i was making….GREAT JOB!!!
    Thanks Greg

  241. Its my fav show… Rick and chumleee is my fav stars.. Tell me the price of (1995)One dollor price.

  242. Love the show and the Old Man – I wish I could be his friend and penpal! He reminds me of my grandpa! I pray for your good health and good faith (for all of you).

    Keep the old man away from coffee – give him some delicious herbal tea.

  243. Love your show, I pass by the place periodically and always see action. I have an antique porcelain doll, and the arms and legs connect to the body with metal. It is in great shape, but I have NO idea where to try to find the value and to sell it. Can you offer any suggestions (either in Vegas or not, fine with me)? THANK YOU…Sandy

  244. Any Engelhard Gold or Silver bars for sale at the Shop? I grew up in a small town in New Jersey where Charles and Jane Engelhard lived and would like to invest in history of The Reallife “GoldFinger”. Keep me posted.
    Thank You

  245. hey there how it going? my name is Paulie and my Dads name is Jack we are locals we live over near the M Resort and we have an item that i know you WANT ! its from the Spanish American War in
    1898 and i’m pretty sure it’s the only one in the world the only thing is that you most come to my residence to see it because of its weight for more information PLease Contact:
    Paulie DeMichele at (702) 672-1210 talk to you soon!

  246. I want a “Chumlee” coin. How can I get one?

  247. Love the show. I will be in Vegas for new years in a couple of weeks and would love to stop in and check out the store. Maybe buy some art work if there is any.

  248. hi guys love the show love to met you guys one day when i get money to fly over from here (Australia) to USA to met you guys in person

  249. For a shop that sells antiques, Corey shows his ignorance in a lot of things from 60’s and 70’s.Just ‘cos your old man likes music and movies from this time period does not make it rubbish. Get a grip Corey!!

  250. Happy New year guys have fun tonight!

  251. I Went to the shop on Wednesday April 29,2015. Just missed Ric & Chumlee. One of the salespeople said the Old Man was in the back but I was very disappointed. I bought a shirt and continued to look around the shop while taking numerous pics.
    I hope that the next time that I am in Las Vegas,either Ric, Corey or Chumlee will be there. Love the show……


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