Pawn Stars Recap 3.4.2013

The brand new episodes of Pawn Stars aired last night!

What did you think?  What were your favorite items?

How about the Hank Williams Sr. Amplifier?


  1. Great show keep up the good work

  2. I don’t like Cory’s new Cocky personality. It realy takes away from the show. Part of the problem is he’s trying to act and not very good at it.

  3. I would need confirmation that the amplifier belonged for Hank Williams, then I would offer $200.

  4. The show seems so fake now with dumb plots like sandwich thieves. I have watched pretty steadily over the years, but almost at the turning off point. I like all the characters, but unfortunately it just seems so rehearsed now.

  5. OK Guys,time to stop the phony conflict and lack of respect for each other. As in other posts Corys “fat kid”nasty attitude is not appreciated, especially to Dad it is stupid and he doesnt do it well. Have watched since the beginning and we did stop watching Hard Core Pawn because of the stupid arguments within the family. Keep this up and we will tune out. Recommend you write stories about being supportive of each other.

  6. That amp was sweet looking.. and Rick’s laugh just get more contagious over the years.. keep the good deals going..

  7. Did you manage to sell Mary Fords guitar? Cheers-dan

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