Pawn Stars Now Signing Autographs! ***UPDATE***

Pawn Stars

Hello Pawn Star fans –

We have been overwhelmed with your response to the announcement of the autograph signings at Gold & Silver Pawn and your support and interest have been amazing.

Just to clarify a few things to make your visit to Gold & Silver Pawn the best it can be.


1)     The autograph sessions were created to make the fan experience at the store more rewarding for our fans and the Pawn Star guys, as well.  Unfortunately, it does not mean we can send autographed photos to everyone who requests one as the experience is an in-store opportunity.  Individual meet ‘n greets are not available as time just does not allow it.

2)     Due to our filming schedule, we cannot tell you on any given day when the autograph session will take place.  It will happen with at least one of the Pawn Stars between 9 am and 5 pm for an hour.

3)     Autograph signings by a Pawn Star will take place every weekday between Jan. 21 – Feb. 22, Mar. 11 – Apr. 5, Apr. 22 – May 24, June 3, 28, Sept. 3 – Oct. 11, Oct. 21 – Nov. 22 and Dec. 2 – 20.  There will be no signings on weekdays in June or July as filming and the guys are on a break at that time.

4)     Autograph signings have been added every weekend day with one of the experts (Mark, Rebecca, Craig and even Olivia from the nightshift) for an hour.  They are also subject to personal schedules and cannot be announced prior as to when they will occur, however, each weekend day at least one will take place between 9 am and 5 pm.

5)     100% of all merchandise purchased during any autograph session goes to charity and we support many different charities.

6)     While we appreciate your interest and questions, it is impossible to get back to everyone, please use these guidelines to understand what will be available to you during your Las Vegas visit regarding autograph sessions and the possibility of meeting the guys.

7)     If you are coming to Las Vegas in 2013 during one of the times autograph sessions are happening and want to get a real Pawn Star experience and meet one of the guys.  Plan to come early , be patient and keep your fingers crossed you arrive just as it is starting J..  It is guaranteed during these times that you will get to meet a Pawn Star.  Good luck!!

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