Pawn Show Room Floor Renovation 4 of 5

Almost there!  Check out the fresh stencil.  There are 2 of these bad boys placed opposite each other on the back show room floor!

The floor isn’t open yet, but be sure to stop by and snap a few pictures!



  1. We enjoy your show and am happy to see my son work on your floors. It is quite an addition that will be enjoyed by all viewers!

  2. one of the best shows on tv

  3. I wil be in Vegas for a convention July 25th-July 29th.I would
    like to visit your shop and meet at least meet one of you.I have a silver coin that I would like to give to the old man.My husband and I watch every show and I wanted to give back for the hours of enjoyment that we have gotten. The old man. ,is a replica. O
    @@f?????? F??

  4. We watch your show all the time, here in Ontario Canada. It is both educational as well as entertaining. We plan on visiting when we are in Vegas in August. Keep up the great work. Chum my husband feels sorry for you, if the Mandolin guitar is still there he wants to purchase it.

  5. My family loves Pawn Stars. We feel like we know Rick, Cory, Chumlee, and the Old Man. Chumlee reminds me so much of my 24 year old son. They could be twins and Josh has just as big a heart as Chumlee. Maybe one day we will make it to Vegas to meet the Harrisons and Chumlee. Until then, we watch every episode. The items are interesting, but its the stars who make the show so enjoyable. Love you guys! If you ever want to meet Chumlee’s twin, let me know!
    Grayson, Georgia

  6. I was in your store in the past week and seen the floor being worked on. One thing I noticed as much as many others is the no picture allowed towards the sitting area for the guys. My daughter that was 13 did not see the sign and took one. Well that started a reaction from the guys at the store. Next thing were being told no pictures and to read the sign. I was embarressed by the entire thing but come on now. Do you really think were gonna sell this picture? I hope in the near future that the store personel treat the fans mych better then this. It’s an enjoyable store to visit as we came from PA to see it but were really disappointed in the way we were treated.

    • Greg,
      thanks for coming all the way from PA to visit the shop with your family. The reason they do not allow photos in that direction actually doesn’t have anything to do with you snapping some pictures of the guys. The reason they do not allow photos there is because that is the pawning counter. Despite all the success of the show, we are still a fully functioning pawn shop. During the process of pawning and or selling, people will, more than likely, have documentation (ex. credit cards, driver’s licenses, account numbers) laying about. While you may not intentionally be trying to get pictures of personal information, you may very well end up doing that, and that can put people on edge. Sometimes, people are here at the shop pawning things because they might have to get cash to make their bills, and that can be humiliating for some people. We are just trying to protect our customers. No hard feelings! I hope you’ll come back and see us again sometime.

      Thank you!

  7. I have a lot of Elmo dolls, some in there original boxes some that aren’t. I even have other Elmo products as well as that I’m very interested in selling. The reason I am contacting you because I not sure where to go and was hoping you can send me down the right direction to go. Thank you for your time and help. P.S. I stay in the Rochester, PA area

    • April,
      I would try eBay to check what some of the Elmo dolls are being sold for currently. Beyond that I would call a local pawn shop near you.
      Thank you

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