Olivia Stops By To Sign Autographs!

Olivia stopped by the shop today at noon to sign autographs and take some pictures with fans!

Before we go any further, let’s clear something up.  Don’t believe everything you read on the interwebs…Olivia is still with the shop.

Today fans packed into the back show room to sneak a peak at their favorite night shift pawn shop lady!  Olivia was on hand signing some photos of herself that were taken here at the shop in the back courtyard with the Old Man’s Oldsmobile.



  1. Olivia may still work for the pawn shop but you guys better be fighting to get her back on your show. It’s bullshit what the producers did to her.

  2. What’s all the fuss about isn’t she just a pawn shop salesgal?

  3. Olivia is looking good! Thanks for the pictures.

  4. To heck with Miss Alabama, Olivia is the one woman in America I would most like to date. What an original, what a personality. She is fascinating.

  5. Good to know she is still working at the store. Wish she was back on the show. Really who doesn’t have a past. Sad thing is these type of things never, ever go away. I’m glad there are no pictures of the stuff I did when I was young and dumb.

  6. Hot! There’s only one thing better than a hot woman, and that’s a hot woman with a lotta ink.

  7. Very nice smile from Olivia….She´s lovely…

  8. Get Olivia back on the show!! She a “real” and interesting addition! Grow up producers and get real yourselfs.

  9. I want peaches back on the show!!!!!

  10. Olivia is the contrast the show needs. I like Rick, Big Hoss, Chumley, and the Old Man but it is nice to see a good looking girl with a great personality occasionally. Please feature her occasionally.

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    • Yes, get her back . for her sake and the added publicity and foot traffic in the store.
      Don’t let Chumlee make her look incompetent. Buy her a new pair of glasses that make her look as atractive as she is.
      good luck

  12. Sorry to hear about Olivia. I am sorry that I missed her signing. I was in Las Vegas last weekend. I hope they can rethink and let her back on the show..

  13. I want olivia back on the show. I think this is terrible, she was so much fun to watch and she is a great girl and you guys made a big mistake if she is really gone because she loved the shop and you guys and the show was a great break for her, i really feel so bad ,she did not deserve to e taken off the show.


  15. Olivia – I live in CT and will be in Vegas on Tuesday October 7, 2014. Is there any chance of meeting you for a quick photo – I am a big fan and wish they would get you back on the show again. I thought the show with your father was a cute one. I also love your suicide girl photos.

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