New Salvador Dali Collection “Le Paradis Terrestre!!”


We are very excited to bring you a rare collection of Salvador Dali artist proof prints from 1974!! The collection is called Le paradis terrestre suite (The Earthly Paradise) and is composed of nine drypoints, which you can view in the video below or by clicking here. These are all hand signed and exceedingly rare being that they are artist proofs and there is no more than 75 of each image. Dali often looked to great works of literature for inspiration, this particular collection is based on John Milton’s literary masterwork “Paradise Lost;” in particular the concepts of the Earthly Paradise contained therein.  When you look closely at these artworks you will see that each image tells its own story. If You like Dali, Milton, or Angelic imagery these are definitely worth a look.

Drypointing is a process by which an image is engraved into a plate with a hard pointed needle, in this case Dali himself engraved each image onto the plate by hand! One thing that makes drypoints so appealing is they show how a great artist can create compelling images utilizing very simple lines and colors. However, the greatest selling point is these aren’t copies of an artwork like a lithograph for example, created by a printer. The artwork only exists in plate form and that plate was created by the artist’s hand, giving you the opportunity to essentially own an ‘original’ Dali for a fraction of the cost you would pay in a traditional gallery.

We bought these as a complete set in France from a well-known art collector, there is no doubt they are authentic and all pieces are accompanied by a COA signed by both Rick Harrison, and our IFAA certified appraiser and art expert from “Pawn Stars,” Chad Sampson. View them today by clicking here or visiting our showroom in fabulous downtown Las Vegas. As always, we welcome all reasonable offers, contact us at or by phone at 702-272-0006 with any questions.

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