Name The Pawn Stars Silver Coins! ***UPDATE***

A couple of months ago we ran a contest across all of our Pawn Stars fan outlets for folks to submit entry’s to name/catch phrase a news coin made in each of the guys likeness.  Here on the website, in the pawn shop and on our Facebook page.  We just wanted to update everyone on our progress.  Winners have been chosen, and coin samples have been made up.  Stay tuned in to the website over the next few weeks as we will be announcing winners as well as showing off the new pawn shop currency!

pawn stars


  1. Love the show!

  2. Hi
    I live inScotland and love your show. I love everyone in the show.
    I am writing to ask how much the chumlee silver coin is and if it would be possibe for one to be bought from the web site.

    Yours Sincerely

    Gwen Baxter

  3. Hi I saw your show on the 1942 Quarter that had a fake s on it and you said that it would of been a $1000.00 quarter if the s was not but on the quarter by someone other then when it was made. I have a 1944 quarter with a s on it and it is not fake.Do you know were I could sell it here in Hendersonville NC?

  4. What a great show!!!! I was wondering if you guys could sell the Chumlee coin online so I can purchase one?

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