Meet The Experts: Mark Hall-Patton – Historical Artifacts Expert

Mark Hall-Patton  is the Administrator of three museums in the Clark County Museum System in Las Vegas.  Mark is known to fans of the show as the Historical Artifacts Expert.  Rick and the guys give mark a call whenever someone brings in a rare and usually hard to identify item.  He is different from most other experts on the show because he never gives prices for items he is asked about.  He claims that, that is not the job of the museum.

Mark grew up in Southern California, and it was said that he first became interested in history from a great uncle that had been in World War 1, that often told him stories.  Mark built his first museum when he was 8 years old on his patio with items he would pick up around the house and then drag his siblings and friends through the displays and give them tours.

He is married to Dr. Colleen Hall‐Patton, a professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at UNLV, and they have two children.

For more information visit the links below.

Clark County Museums Webpage

Clark County Museums on Facebook


  1. got some old comic and iam wondering if you can tell me what there worth

  2. I found a flag in my grandma’s cedar chest. It was folded miletary style and has 30 stars on it. I was wondering what it would be worth?

  3. You are my favor person on the show, looking forward to learn more from you.

  4. Well I will keep it simple have what I was told 1000 year old stone carvings need a expert opinion please contact me. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Daniel J

  5. I have a good story about Las Vegas MGM fire. You would like it and sure the public would like also. I worked in the office and personally knew Martin Stern would not believe how this effected him at the time.

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