Last Night’s Episode Recap!

What did you all think of the new episodes last night?

What was your favorite item?  We got a ton of feedback on the Star Trek props!

What about the Shekel of Tyre?

What did you think?


  1. What is the poster on the wall behind Chum in the opening of episode 235?? Is it a young John Lennon??

  2. My favorite item was the new Seahawks 12th Man flag in the office area. It is a great addition to the Hawks cap and hard hat already behind Rick and the Old Man. GO HAWKS!!!!

  3. Really getting tired of Corey’s mouth and attitude…..not cool. Maybe he should have moved on…..

  4. I liked the episode last night, but why do they act like aholes and right now Cory is acting like a Dork……….he only has 5 or 10 Percent he not the Boss. And oh my god why …….does the old man curse so much it’s not funny it’s stupid. O and Cory thinks he’s all that and he’s not. I could throw in a cheap shot but I won’t . Get it together Silver and Gold Pawn Shop. But besides that I do watch it every time it’s on. But stop the stupid nonsense.the old man has a about 4 saying.

  5. The program is making a turn for the worse. The show is normally interesting. The new attitude with everyone giving the boss a hard time is not cute or funny. I watch the show to see what is brought in. The next thing you will start doing is throwing the f bomb and being very rude to customers. Don’t ruin the show.

  6. Will give you until mid April to change back to the nice show this was-Family member disrespect to each other is not funny or interesting.

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