Have You Been To The Pawn Shop Lately?

Have you visited the pawn shop lately?  If you have, and you have ventured to the back of the shop, you no doubt have seen the Facebook Kiosk!  If you take your photo there make sure to logon to Facebook and tag yourself in the photo!  We get tons of fresh photos everyday!


  1. We were the in December but didnt see it there. We will be back this week so have to check it out. Chris Okla.

  2. I saw the episode where The Old Man is hoarding U.S. pennies. Has he looked for any rare Indian Head Pennies in his stash? Just thinking that there might be some valuable coins mixed up in those buckets of pennies!

  3. I love your show and try to watch it all the time. My daughter works in a Pawn Shop in NC. She loves it too. We have visited your store and plan to come back in April. I met the Ole Man the last time I was there and I just saw an episode where he bought a 1950’s toy monkey and he offered the lady $50.00 more because he didn’t want to take advantage of her. I saw a different side of him today. Im writing because Pawn Shops get such bad names and its just not true. I get some really good deals at the Pawn Shop. Everyone should check it out….love it!!!

  4. I am a new fan! I started watching about 5 weeks ago and I record every episode that comes on! Yesterday I watched an episode where Corey bought Chumley a wonderful birthday gift! Did Chumley like it? I watched several more episodes and never saw when he actually received it! Also, I never see any deals made where people buy anything. My husband said you weren’t a real store and it was just a tv show. Is that true? I wanted to see if you had something I was looking for but I can’t if you’re not a real pawn store.

  5. Love your show and how you came up with a different spin to Antiques Roadshow. I find myself waiting for the next item to come walking in just like I did when I use to watch Antiques Roadshow.
    One request, Can you lighten up on all the commercials? Too many breaks are taking my wife over to HGTV and many times we don’t come back. Take notice, I’m a marketer too!

  6. was there last week. would have been nice to see someone from the show… came from Ohio..

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