Gold & Silver Souvenirs!

Want to remember your trip to the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with a souvenir?  We have a whole section of the shop dedicated to T-shirts, mugs, hats, key chains, and everything in between to make sure you never forget your trip!

For those of you who can’t make the trip, we have a nice selection of T-shirts, and souvenirs available on-line in our eBay Store.  As always, domestic shipping is FREE!

Remember after you snag a shirt, be sure to snap a picture and email it to us at



  1. I recently purchased the old man coin. I think it’s great idea. I wanted to know if ones of Rick, Big Hoss, and of Chumlee will be made up?

  2. Great, will for sure get something when there 1st week of September. Do they have the Old Man 71st Birthday coins at store? Bought a couple on ebay, but not the same as getting one in person.

    • Kurt,
      yes they do have them in the store. But they are toward the front at the coin counter and not in the back with T-shirts etc.

  3. Husband loved the coin and was tickled pink that the old man signed his receipt as an evan bigger bonus. Goes in our display case with our sons service metals.

  4. i’m looking to buy a t shirt but live in the uk i need an xl would the size be any different when ordering?

  5. Damn smartasscomputers! WhatIwrote was,thatmy wifewascomingtoVegasoverThe $thof July,andIwanttoknow ifyou haveanyofThe OldMancoinsleft ,and howmuch theyare. Thanks,Jim

  6. Greetings……do you have any gold/silver/bronze olympic medals from Winter olympics for sale? Hope to hear from you soon…Glen

  7. Guys I was wondering if you ship to the UK??? I am an avid watcher of the program and have it set up on TIVO so I dont miss a single episode. Its great fun and makes me laugh….Id love to be able to get a couple of the t shirts etc.


    • Daz,
      We certainly offer shipping to the UK. All of our T-Shirts are available online in our eBay store.

  8. So I am curious…. did you guys use the silver bullion from the young blonde hair lad that came in to sell his 3000 Troy ounces of silver?

    If I were you, I would make some of the rest of the gang to make them more collectible.

  9. Last night, History channel aired the episode in which the old man bought the 1918 Buick for 17.500. Rick, you’re a smart guy, but you still have gaps in your knowledge. The old cars were VERY prone to carburator flooding. However, some cars had a CHOKE valve. If you opened the Choke Valve, you could un-flood the carburator and start the car. ….is that guy Danny getting kick-backs from a body shop? He wants to strip-down and repaint almost every car he sees. Although the Lincoln just needed an interior.

    • I noticed the show’s producers put some informational text on the screen about how cranking the car could sometimes break your arm. ….true, BUT preventable: Lot of car engines had what were called “cockpit” valves; They were cylinder valves, that you could open up, to release any compression from the cylinders. That would prevent the handcrank from whipping around and hitting your arm.

  10. The heartbroken woman with the copy of the Elvis Contract: that aired last night. That was brutal to see the woman hanging her hopes on that. But quite honestly, on the television screen, it looked like a photocopy, The tyewritten text was not dark and bold enough to be an original document. Same for the signature. …the Bourbon buttons that turned out to not be Marie Antoinette: I think you guys should have passed on that. I love historical items, but those buttons didnt impress me.

  11. Got the “Old Man” silver coin today. Service was quick and the coin looks very nice. My receipt was even signed by the Old Man. Thanks for the quick delivery and I will enjoy adding the coin to my silver collection. Thanks.. P.s. I enjoy the show and how Richard Sr. sometimes has to put everyone else in their place.

  12. hi i was wondering if i come in there friday late afternoon what are my chances of getting chum to sign a t-shirt i buy for my boss back in kansas..

  13. I would like to order 3 of the American Gold and Pawn black ink pens you have for sale. I purchased one when I was there in March 2015 and I lost it… :(

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