Gold & Silver Pawn Shop Now Offers Private Party Bookings!

Made famous by History’s #1 hit cable series Pawn Stars, the reality-based show that takes you inside the colorful world of the Las Vegas pawn business, the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and the three generations of the Harrison family who run it have become a tourist destination all on their own in the Entertainment Capital of the world.  Every day, fans of the show, tour buses, and even celebrities visit the shop in hopes of getting a glimpse of Rick, Corey, the Old Man and Chumlee.

To satisfy the public’s demand to meet and greet the stars of the show the Pawn Stars have continuously “hit the road” in a series of public appearances throughout North America.  Now, the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop wants to offer another way for fans of the show to mingle with the Pawn Stars.

The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop property is now available for booking private social and corporate events that include meet and greets with one or all of the Pawn Stars. With this new development, groups of various sizes can come directly to Pawn Shop, have a VIP experience and celebrate their special occasion with the Pawn Stars. There is even a possibility that your group may become “extras” in a Pawn Star episode.

The 3,500 square feet of retail space at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is available and can be incorporated into your event, but the primary rental space reserved for events is a 1,300 square foot four walled open air outdoor party pad at the back of the building. This private, intimate space can be decorated to reflect the vision of the event planner and can hold up to 150 people for a reception style event. Additionally, round tables, serving stations and bars can be set up for groups of less than 100.

As for providing professional catering and other vendors for your event at the Pawn Shop, Gold & Silver offers a list of preferred vendors available for your convenience or you can arrange to bring the vendors of your choice in directly. Gold & Silver is extremely flexible.

Best of all, by having your event at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, not only are you booking a unique Las Vegas/World event venue but you have the opportunity to have the Pawn Stars attend your event.  During the event, guests are encouraged to peruse the store itself, mingle with the Pawn Stars, interact with the staff or just shop for souvenirs.  Souvenir bags can even be made available for the event.

To guarantee the availability of all the Pawn Stars at your event, bookings must be Monday through Friday between the hours of 5pm and 9pm but special arrangements of alternate times may be negotiated.

Holding your next event at the uniquely interesting World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop will give you an insider’s view to cable’s #1 show that few people ever get to experience.  For more information please contact Jeff Allen at



  1. just wondering if it would be suitable for a wedding???

  2. What does it cost to have atour and how many people are needed? There is a Bachelor Party coming to Vegas from Louisville, KY and they are interested. The Groom to be has never been to Vegas and this could be a great treat!! They are coming on June 16, 2012. thank you for any helping you can offer.

    ps. is there a certain time of day that the pawn stars are there and how long is a typical wait.

    • Thanks for looking us up for your party! For pricing and other information you will need to contact the booking agent via email.

  3. wondering if it could be suitable for birthday party????

  4. Hello Jeff…How Are you!!!

    My name is Nivaldo, Im from Brazilian Ok! Congratulations for your Work…I Big Hug Ok! By Friend…

  5. Hi guys – big fan of your show – I probably konw the answer to this, but do you have any plans to come across the pond to the UK? Keep up the good work, Chumlee cracks me up – keep up the good work! Si

  6. would the guys like to come to NASCAR? And the keep the car???
    I can make it happen.

  7. I just love the show! It’s fun and even fascinating! In the North Side of Pittsburgh we called them ‘Hock Shops’ and I never met anyone as nice as these guys. Wonder if they need someone who knows the ancient languages of Greek Aramaic and Hebrew?

  8. My 17 year old son has Aspergers and is addicted to your show. We are coming from Boston, Massachusetts on July 24-July31 to Las Vegas for vacation. What would I have to do for my son to meet Rick or one of the guys in person at the shop. He is so excited we definately will be visiting the shop.

  9. I cant get the email to work.

    I was wondering how much it was to set up a meet and greet with the pawn star people?. Me and my girlfriend are coming from Norway and I will be in Vegas Sept 03 through 07th and I would like to surprise my girlfriend, with meeting everyone! Please let me know.

    Thank you

  10. Me and my wife love Pawn Stars!

    • Hi my family & I are coming to Vegas and would like to know protocol for meeting/greet and tour shop? Please advise.

  11. You guys rock. I would love to have my husband be able to meet you all. He loves watching you daily. I would love for him to meet the ol man Rick and Danny from counting cars. From southeast Alaska send us some sunshine please.

    • Chum grew up with Corey they have been best friends for years.

  12. what is Chumleys relation ship to the family. I enjoy your show.

    • Chumlee and Corey met when they were in elementary school, both raised by single fathers. Chumlee aka Austin, beat up on Corey for teasing his younger sister, after that, they became friends.

  13. I watch the show regularly and If I ever get to make a trip to Vegas I plan to visit. when I do I’D BE interested in meeting the guys from the show

  14. i loves you guys i loves pawn stars

  15. Please give me your comment and value of $10, 20, $28,$40 $200.00 silver strikes .
    Also , verify amount of silver in each silver strike.


    • David,
      I cannot do that, I am not a broker. You need to contact the pawn shop.

      Thank you

  16. Michael, who do I contact about having the guys attend a fundraiser in Utah?

  17. Can you mail things nd see if they want them?

    • Lynn,
      No, please do not mail us anything. A lot of folks think that it’s a good idea. We just end up mailing it right back. The shop can’t do appraisals, nor are we allowed purchase anything from someone through the mail. It’s actually illegal. If you have something you would like us to take a look at, you can bring it down to the shop anytime!


  18. Hi there,

    My name is Conrado and I am going to Vegas NeXT month. I have a collection of coins from the beggining of the brazilian republic. These were the first coins in the brazilian new regime  which started in 1889 after a revolution topo down the monarchy. Most of the coins are around 1890 and 1891.

    I was wondering if you are interested in taking a look. If you are, please tell me the best time to come.

    Best regards,


  19. The Best Show on TV…You guys are So Famous In England !
    You’re Funny, Knowledgeable and Genuine on screen…
    Keep making the show and enjoying what you do !
    Many Thanks
    Darren , London , England

  20. Hi to all,
    Best reality TV show ever there are 8 of us coming over from Ireland 1 sept to 7sept 2012
    cant wait to see where it all happens


  21. please teach michigan that the siblings in thier show act like little annule un tv worthy actors/son,daughtor !just wish the gaurds would walk just once when the girl was talking smak ,now that would be a real show !tell your staff thank you for the fun and knowledge.

  22. My husband and I watch your show almost everyday. Sometimes over and over. He is so infatuated with everyone. We are coming to Las Vegas September 16 to 18th of 2012 and we are wondering if it will be possible to meet Rick and his family or Rick and the Old man while we are there. Just want to drop in and say hi. Please advise if possible for vacationers to just rop in and say hello and we love your show. Thanks, and have a great day, Dee Cox.

    • Dee,
      The showroom is open from 9am-9pm daily. However, I do not have Rick or the guy’s schedules to know when they will be in the shop or not. I can tell you that they should be getting back from vacation in the next week or so and should be around town.

      Thank you

  23. We watch your show every time it’s on. We are addicted.
    We will be visiting LV the week of 10/07/12. Hope to stop by
    and see you all.

  24. Extras? So are the episodes entirely scripted? I know all TV shows of this sort are scripted somewhat, but my family and I have constant debates about this every evening.

    My grandparents went to the shop on their last LV visit, but of course the stars weren’t there. Are private parties the only way to meet the stars, aside from sheer luck of running into them on the street/airport/venue (we don’t get invited to red carpet events)? Just curious…would like to make it happen but I’m assuming these meet -n- greets are in the $1,000s?


    J Pac

  25. hi,i from rome,italy. i’ve need of contact you,please.thanks

  26. Hi, Pawn Stars! Hope All are well! My friend and I are visiting Las Vegas from Toronto on the 15th – 21st of December. We would love to come to The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and see your infamous showroom and to hopefully meet Rick & The Family. We watch your show everyday and find it interesting, educational and entertaining! The Experts you bring in are quite knowledgeable & the facts, intriguing & sometimes fascinating. It would be really great if we also found somethings to buy from the shop! Take Care and hopefully be seeing you soon!

  27. What are the chances of meeting the guys on any given day in the shop? I will be in Vegas in March and want to check the shop out!

  28. Hello, I just whant to no ?Do you have web site ? Thank You for answer from Quebec Canada.
    My wife really like Rick Harrison. he’s so cute..;)

  29. My husband and I love your show and we are going to be out to Vegas March 27- April1, 2013 for my husbands retirement with our children. Would love to know if any of the guys on the show are going to be around?

  30. LOVE your guys show. I love learning about all of the items you have gotten over the past 21 years! Hope to travel there and meet you guys sometime thanks :) Keep up the good work

  31. Hi, we will be visiting Las Vegas from January 5th-8th and would love to stop by the shop. I also would like to know if I bring an old flintlock gun from the 1800’s, if you would be interested. Thanks, Steve

  32. Hi again, I also have an old jai-alai helmet from the MGM Jai-alai back in the 70’s. Any interest in that? Thanks again, Steve

  33. More human with clients than Hardcore pawn, keep it up guys love the show greetings from the Netherlands.

  34. Hello Jeff…How Are you?
    My name is andrew, Im from Brazil Congratulations for your Work…me manda uma camisa do chumm lee. tanks

  35. My husband and I were wondering if Rick and/or Cory are married? Does Rick have any other children besides Cory and does Cory have any children? I know we might be getting personal, but there has beensome commens on different shows tha make us woder. Thank you for reading this and if you answer, I also thank you for that. We realy enjoy watching your show.

  36. My family and I love your show guys.We watch the show almost everyday on the History Channel.Your shop will be the first stop when we visit Las Vegas.Love and regards from Istanbul – TURKEY.

  37. I never miss a program of the series here in Brazil in channel history.
    I’ll put another TV in the room to see my wife novels.
    so do not miss any of the program series. pretty good.
    parabens and not mistreat the Chumlee (laughs)
    Rodrigo trevisan
    Praia Grande city – Sao Paulo – Brazil
    program name in Brazil is ( trato feito )

  38. I really love watching your shows… Every episode is really great… Great job! Super like….

  39. Hello, I’m a brazilian fan and I love you TV program!!!

  40. My son and I visited your pawn shop in Las Vegas Jan 8. I want to adopt your male staff member who wears all of the silver rings. He said that he would come home with me…I am an ole lady…but when I added that he would have to lift 90 pound hay bales to feed my horses…he lost interest. I was very impressed with your helpful and friendly staff. One gal helped me buy a gold ring. My son and I bought 9 t-shirts. Thank you for your pictures and hospitality. We hope to return!

  41. I want the art work in the background with the baby and the mom that’s dark brown I love it I want to know how much it is…

  42. im gonna be in vegas from oct.17th-22nd and ill be there for my birthday. i was wondering how those private meet and greets work.

  43. Enjoy your shoe tremendously. However, is Chumlee as dense as he character appears to be. You guys are rough on him.

  44. I was just wondering if you buy movie posters from the 50’s. I have a 1952 Springfield Rifle with Gary Cooper and a 1951 Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. They are full color posters. They were folded but I had them professionally framed. I am coming to Vegas in March 2013 and would like to know if I should bring them or not. If you would like I can send a photo of them.

    Thank you – my husband and I watch your show all the time.

  45. I am desperately trying to find out how I can buy one of those coins Rick had made with his dad’s image on it. PLEASE let me know!!!!

    • Lois,
      they are available in our eBay store. just go to and search for “old man silver coin” look for the seller “goldsilverpawn” You’ll see it

  46. we have a group of six loyal fans that would like a meet and greet with the guys, I’ve been to the shop twice before with no success, we will be there from 3/13 – 3/19. please let me know the details, thanks, bill.

  47. My husband and I are coming to Vegas June 26 & 27, 2013; We are going to visit the shop but do not know the hours the show room is open and if it is open to the public. I am so excited to get to come to Vegas as I have never been and I am over 50 years old; and so excited to get to go to your shop !

  48. I have a superbowl 19 ball signed by the entire team. Looking to find out what its worth????

  49. i have an 1000 years old silver coin of is made in i want to know the worth of the coin????

  50. Love your show

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