Gold & Silver Pawn Presents The New Chumlee 1 Troy Oz Silver Medallion!

Since the release of The Old Man medallion we have had an overwhelming amount of requests for a Chumlee medallion. It took some convincing from The Old Man to let us move forward with this, but he finally gave us the green light late last year! Since the fans were the ones that demanded we make a Chumlee medallion we decided to let the fans pick the slogan we should use for him. Chumlee and the pawn staff looked through thousands of suggestions, and we all finally agreed on the one word that sums up Chumlee better than any other.


Two lucky fans picked this slogan and they have already received their medallions from the test run we did this week. (Thanks Dana & Matthew)  For the rest of you interested in owning a Chumlee medallion, they will be available for sale starting Friday July 19 exclusively at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

The Chumlee medallion is 1 troy oz. of .999 fine silver with a proof finish. The medallion was engraved and struck by the Sunshine Mint. The medallion features Chumlee with his slogan “AWESOME” and his signature on the obverse and a new diamond pawn shop logo on the reverse. Each coin will come sealed in a Air Tite case.
Chum Coin
 Chumlee Coin FrontChumlee Coin Reverse


  1. Will this be available through your eBay store?

  2. how much for the coin??

  3. how do we order the silver coins of Ch um and “The Old Man”


  4. What is the cost? I will be in Vegas the 2nd week of Aug.
    Thanks Bill
    Hope to here from you.

  5. GREAT WORK! It’s nice that Chumlee is having a coin minted. Hope that rest of the staff is in line. Who knows, you all might become the collector set of coins! BUT, Keep the “Old Man”‘s Coin, a 1 of a kind, just like him…

    Happy Minting :)

  6. Chumlee
    You are really awesome!

    • Really? You can only get the coin by walking in the store? That’s kind of lame.

  7. I’d also like to know the price. I’ll be in Vegas early this month. Are the old man coins the same price in store as they are on ebay?

  8. LOVE Chumlee! How much for the Medallion? NEVER miss a show! Cyber-Hugs from Clearwater, Florida!

  9. Cool Chum. I need to get one for my collection

  10. They should have the Chumlee coin NGC graded like the Old Man Coin!

  11. Where did you guys get the old man and Chumlees 1oz silver coin made. I would love to get my kids face on a 1oz silver coin! Please give me the company that does this! Love the show!!

  12. Id like one of these coins How Much

  13. thank god you didnt press a blah blah blah blah Rick coin. it would have to be one sided
    ….tales only otherwise it’ll be too shiny

  14. Chumlee for ptrez

  15. those are awesome I want one

  16. Chumlee is my hero. Will you be my neither?

  17. Richard Old Man and Chumlee coins are $55-$65

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