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Looking to buy an item you’ve seen on the show?  How about T-shirts and other souvenir items?  Click the eBay link below or the “Shop” tab above to see the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop eBay store, where you can bid on items from the show, pick up a souvenir or two and even snag a great deal on some electronics!



  1. Great show, the Old Man is my hero! A curmudgeon like me. lol

  2. Love ya Chumley

  3. Fantastic show as well as a great show. Its one of the only shows I watch. Watching these guys inspire me to get into the buying and selling business. I wish I had the oppourtunity to work there, I’m excellent at persuading and making deals. Anyways keep up the great work and enjoy every profit.

  4. love the show plus chumley as well .Great information on old items .
    just good clean show.

  5. Love the show guys…You guys are funny and not wankers on TV like most reality shows which is good to see.. We are only up to late serie 2 ATM, here in Australia , how many more serie will there be?
    Hope there are more mate…

  6. I’m about the same age as the old Man, allhis saying are mine;rode hard & put up wet. He reminds me of my Dad, that is in Heaven, a Great business Man & hard worker. You are very lucky to still have your Dad in your Life.

  7. I’m a big fan of the show. I’m older than the “old man”. I’m 78. Question 1. don’t any of
    the customers use EBAY or other on-line sites to sell their items? Question 2. why not have a show (s) telling how much you got for high end merchandise? You tell us what You paid but not what you SOLD it for. I’d be fascinated to see that.

  8. Hello, How do I buy a In The Old Man We Trust [Silver coin]. I am from South Dakota. Thank You.

    • The coins our for sale on our eBay page right now!

  9. I saw a item on last nights show. I looked for a phone# but could not come up with one. I would like to buy one of the silver stamped coins with the old man on it for my wife, shes a big fan of him (so am I for that matter)

  10. love the show seen almost every episode

  11. I think your dad is wonderful his one liners always make me laugh

  12. i think the old man is very funny with his one liners he always makes me laugh.

  13. how could i buy an item that ive saw sold at your store when intersested.. just call or what..

    • Greg,
      you can call the shop and inquire anytime.
      Thank you

  14. rick wanted his own comic character he looks exactly like homer simpson

  15. I think you are great! I’m a great fan of the show. I like to know you. I’m going to visit you in January (I hope so) See you later.

  16. do you guys sell collectibles?

    • Sure do, come by the shop anytime!

  17. I need some B I G diamonds . ya’ll got any?

    • Michael, I am selling a Lamborghini Ferruccio Junior IV Limited Edition watch and wanted to see if u have any interest. I will be in town August 6th. Let me know. A brand new one retails at $3,754. Link below

      • Tony,
        The shop typically does not have any problem buying watches. Bring it in and let a pawn broker look at it, and they can make you an offer.
        Thank you

  18. Het, guys, looking for Boston Red Sox World Championship ring either 2004 or 2007. Do you have any or know where we can look?

  19. I’m from Texas and I recently went too the store and I seen a ring in y
    our jeweler case and i was wondering if you still had it and how much.

  20. LOVE U ALL

  21. I m big fan your show u r realey busness man

  22. I have a picture of Willum Bendic as a foot ball coch with his team .I can0t fined any info on this.can you help .It was taken in New Jersey in the early 20’s. My farthe played for him.

  23. Mark is not as much in the know as he think he is ,he said the southern states didn’t make a oval Belt buckel .One of Whites metal decter addes has got a picture of one . Love the whole crew.

  24. Am planning on being in Vegas the end of Oct. Is there a good day of the week to drop by and short lines? Want to meet you all. Love the show.


  26. I really enjoy the show!!The old man is hot!

  27. I got a 1950 movie reel of Charlie brown , its really old , but case and film are in perfect condition , can someone tell me if its worth something , or who i can go too , thank you!!!

  28. I live in Delaware and baught a storage unit and found photo and signed of Steven mcqueen would you like to make offer…

  29. Michael,
    I am heading into Vegas in the morning and will probably stop in to see the shop.
    I have 4 lithograph prints by H Alken, and J Harris entitled Whoop, bolting the fox, run to earth, the return home. From what I know they are over 75 years old from Wiesbaden.
    Let me know in the next few hours if you would be interested in them and I’ll bring them out with me.

    • Jon,
      I am not a pawn broker, I cannot speak on behalf of them or what they might be interested in. However, I’ve never heard of them not taking a look at anything, and I know that we have taken lithographs in the past. I would bring them with you.

  30. Hi. Of course love your show. Tuned in just when you were looking at a Gatling gun. My question was where was that? Colorado? Utah?

  31. It was great to see the place in person.

  32. Just saw the show with the Minuteman desk display — Do you still have it? Do you sell thru the mail (snail, that is)

  33. I saw in one of your ring cases on an episode that you had a Oregon State University Pac 10 Championship ring. Do you still have it and how much? I am coming to Vegas in February and was going to visit you if you do.

  34. Congrats Corey on becoming a partner it was about time everybody knows your pops is a cheap skate your grand pops is kool old dude take care of him we need him around for a long time the show would not be the same without him keep on filming you guys have the best show on tv that hardcore pawn is just a little to kinda fake looks like the fights are a little bit to staged and rehearsed if you know what I mean so keep up the good work .

  35. I will be in vegas on the 27th of december. I have a Dallas Cowboys autographed foot ball. It is not a game ball but a signature ball. It is autographed by Troy Aikman, Tony Dorsett, Drew Pearson, and Tony hill. The autographs arent authenticated but I know for a fact that they are 100% genuine.

  36. Wondering the value of my 1st addition Princess Diania Beanie Baby…

  37. I have an Austin & Stone gold bracelet with the engravings, Austin & Stone and also the date: Oct 22 1907. I have seen similar bracelets but no prices indicated. I was curious as to the value of this item. Can you help me? Thank you

    Patti Dunfee
    Butte, Montana

  38. I have an Beatles stamp from 1940s how much is it worth

  39. im looking for a bracelet of skulls like the one rick wares on the show do you have anything like it

    • Sue,
      the skull bracelets are available in our eBay store.

      thank you

  40. Anyone know the story behind the painting of superman with long hair flying double fists on display in the shop.

  41. Roughly, how many WW2 items do you guys have? Do you have anything under $200 that you’d be willing to sell to a 14 year old? Lol. Anyway, I love the show! There’s always something interesting on there! Have a nice day fellas!

  42. Great show. Nice Guys, really interesting items coming through the shop. Unlike the other family of dropkicks featured from Pawn Shop in Detroit, which unfortunately is screened on the same channel here in Australia. What a family of scumbags who delight in ripping off people who are obviously desperate. More power to you, especially The Old Man, should get a starring role in the next remake of Grumpy Old Men :-)

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