Get Your Old Man’s 71st Birthday Commemorative Coin Here!

This awesome coin was featured on last night’s episode of Pawn Stars to commemorate the Old Man’s 71st Birthday.  They are now available for purchase in our eBay store.  Hurry, they are selling fast!


  1. Hello
    I’m sitting here in my living room in Scotland just now watching your great show. Me and my hubbie watch you every night—-we think you are all great fun. I love Rick and Chumlee is so funny. I would love to be a fly on the wall in your shop. Take care and keep up te good work.iIf

  2. Checked out the eBay store thru the link above and it said auction has ended. Just wondering if there are still any for sale?

    • Just put more up!

      • i am looking to buy one of the Old Man’s 71st birthday silver coins for my little guy’s birtday. He LOVES your show. Will you have more to sell soon?

        • They are availble right now in our eBay store!

          • Where?
            When? Lol

    • Looks like auction has ended again. Will there be more?

      • Absolutely,
        we just put up another 200

    • How much are they worth I found one in my house looking to sell

  3. Old Man, Thank you for your service. Not too shabby for a Navy Man

    steve verno
    SFC, United States Army

  4. I just wrote an e-mail asking about the coin.and mentioned a few thing about myself and how I felt about the show and the Old Mans time in the Navy, and my som wanting to bacome a Naval Aveator, and that I wanted two coins, one for me and one for my son, and as soon as I finished the P/C bell rang telling me that there was a add on the e-bay, and there it was the coin and I am Number 4 to reply I know this because it says that there are three comments on June 5.2012 Well Sylvia Duffy, Travis< Michael, and now Henry are the first 4 Good afternoon to you all Henry

    • Henry,
      Thanks for writing us, the coins are available in our eBay store today!

  5. Are these a limited time offer? While supplies last?

    The show mentioned 500 coins made.

    • We had more minted

      • How many were made in total?

        • There is currently no limit on the production of the coins. We want to make sure that all of our fans have the opportunity to own one of the Old Man Coins!

          • I love love love the show and im only 12 years old and i really want one of the coins do you have any left because if so i will save up and buy one

  6. there a problem with your coin ,it is not gold a man of his calaber should have a gold coin ,hapy birthday oldman your a good pop ,

  7. I bought one because my husband is a huge fan. Great fathers day gift! How many more were minted? And will they all be .999 silver? Ps Rick is my favorite I love the way he conducts business!

    • The initial minting was 500 as a gift to the old man. More have been minted for sale to the public. They all will be .999 silver.

  8. Hello my boyfriend and I went to Vegas on vacation last month, And we visited the store He wanted to see the guys but they were not popping out. he got one of the old mans coins on that visit with other stuff we purchased…he watches your show every week. luvs you show.

  9. Do any these coins have year date? I have watched every episode of pawn stars and have the T-shirts. Also is there any numbered coins? Thanks, A.J.

    • A.J.
      The coins do not have a year or date, and they are not numbered. However they were all minted this year.
      Thank you

  10. Whats the cost on your fathers 71th birthday coin in.999 fine silver???

  11. I was very excited to have a chance to purchase two of the coins.
    Both myself and my brother and his wife have been to the shop several times.
    I have met Chumlee Cory and the Old Man, I have autographs from them and I think the Old Man is in a class all by him self.
    He deserves his own coin for his class style and love of silver.
    Happy Birthday Richard we wish you all the best.
    Tim, Pat and Jen from Boston.

    • I just purchased the old man coin and will enjoy it as much as I do your show. The price is more than the price of an ounce of spot silver but in my opinion silver prices will catch up if I keep it a while as I think silver is highly undervalued right now , but what fun it is to be able to physically handle and enjoy your investments in the form of a coin with the likeness of a cool guy like Richard Sr. I could have blown that much on going to the movies . Do you plan on making a 72nd birthday coin?
      Dan from Oregon

      • hey mate could you tell me how much a 1799 silver daollr is worth today? cuz i just found one?? its has some rust on it but you can see the date,stars,eagle,coluds,and united states of america the lady on the back side is in a bad condition i think

        • silver doesn’t rust


  13. My fiance and I will be in Vegas for our honeymoon at the start of July this year. What we wanted to know is if you are selling the coins in store, or only online, as we’d love to buy one (hopefully there will still be some left then)

  14. How many coins total will be minted? Is there a set limit because the more there are the less valuable they will be (Learned that from watching the show and hope you guys only mint a specific amount in honor of the old man because he is one in a million himself)


  16. Hi from Australia! we loveeeee your show. Coming to Vegas next year, hubby hoping to meet the guys? :) also the Old Mans 71st birthday coin is sold out…anymore coming on? cheers

    • Absolutely, they are available right now in our eBay store!

  17. I had tried previously to find these coins on your site but was not able to get through. I just got through today and see that they are now all sold out. Will you be having more for sale? Thank you!

  18. Hey just seen that all the coins are gone. Are you guys going to have any more made and is there away to know when they will be for sale? Great show and hope the old man has many more Birthdays. Toby from NC

  19. I want to buy one of these coins but cannot find them anywhere. They should be more available to purchase. Love the show.

  20. i`m a new orleans mardi gras doubloon collector, an coin collector i would really love to add the old man coin to my colltion email me are call me on a purchase.

  21. hello,the only coins i see are not with the old man, only gold n silver logo…do u have any more oldman coins?

  22. Are they gone?

    • There are more available on eBay now!

  23. Looking forward to geting my Old Man a coin. He chose Vegas for his 50th anniversary! all he wants to see is the pawn shop!

    Jeff from San Diego and
    His Old Man from Florida

  24. I see the initial 500 coins have sold, and that you have had more of them minted for sale. Any idea when those will be listed? Thanks, and absolutely love the show!
    Randy in Tampa

    • There are more coins availble right now in our eBay store!

  25. Are you selling any more of the coins?

  26. I would really like to get one of the coins but it looks like you ran out. Are you possibly going to put more out? If so, when?

    • They are for sale on our eBay page right now.

  27. Will you be selling more coins? I just went to your link to EBAY (June 12th@930pm) and it says the auction has
    Ended…although you keep saying they are available. Please let me and the fans know if more
    Are being minted….thanks

  28. By the way, I was referring to the Old Man birthday coins…thanks again.

  29. My Husband and I love the show. Thanks for re-listing the Old Man Coins, had to have one for my favorite Old Man (Marine). Happy Birthday Old Man!

  30. Thanks for making these, I love silver almost as much as the old man himself. Are there any plans to make coins for other cast members? I would love to collect a whole set.

    • Scott,
      that’s a great idea! I don’t think they have plans to mint any other coins at this time though. But if they do, you can bet they’ll be right here on the website!

  31. I love the fact that you created these.

  32. Awww this is so cute. Cheers to this idea, the Old Man deserves it!! Happy Bday to him and hope we can get him a 100th Bday commemorative Gold coin!!! :D

  33. Will there be more coins minted? I missed out on the original run :(

    • Mike,
      we have minted more and there are available in our eBay store now.

  34. Are there anymore old man coins available to put up on eBay. Or for that matter directly from ga pawn?

    • Yes,
      we just put some more coins up.

  35. I love the show. But not numbered, non-serialized silver coins? What’s it going to be worth after the show ends? Assuming that’s today, just under $27.

    Sound investment? No. Great conversation piece? Sure!

  36. Coin is great idea. How about a special holder for it. Picture of the Old Man with a signature line. Brief history.

    Enjoy the show. Best to the “OLD MAN”

    Ex Navy from Michigan.

  37. thank you for shipping the old man silver round oz coin . i give you a 5 star rating ordered on the 5th of july recivied on the 7th july very fast nice doing business with you

    • Hey how do you get this coins without going on ebay or to the actual shop?

      • Emma,
        unfortunately, those are the only ways to get a coin.

  38. i love your show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. los veo desde argentina…. un programon……….saludos

  40. Im 11years old and i love the show.!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Ustedes forman un equipo muy divertido y al mismo tiempo alentador ya que impulsan a muchos a empezar con algun tipo de negocio como lo es la compra, venta de algun objeto y para obtener mas money!!!! Happy Birthday Old Man!!!!

  42. How can I sell an item online, I think you will be interested in this one. I was told it is a Nazi officer dagger and sheath. It does not have the strap. I can send pictures if interested.

    • Abby,
      we cannot legally buy anything from you unless you bring it into the shop. The only advice I have for you is to check
      Thank you

  43. Will you have any more of these coins for sale on eBay?

    • Debbie,
      We should have some up soon. Check back!

  44. just got an the young old man coin so happy thanks anybody that don’t have one or bought one yet better these people are icons in america eBay has them as i speak. there a great collection piece and a must for any collection. love and bless from COHOES NY

  45. WISH THERE WAS MORE ITEM KISTED ON YOUR EBAY SITE. Like some Gold and Silver coins, Rings and other items.


    • I LOVE your show. My older daughter and I watch it every night. Too funny! Gotta love that Chumlee though. He makes me laugh and would be a good friend to have. Seeing him drive the Batmobile was awesome! Kudos to such a neat family owned shop. Next time I am in Vegas, I am stopping by. I Love the Old Man – Kudos to him for starting the shop and keeping it family owned!

  46. Do you sell the coins in your store too? My friend and I will be there visiting from Kentucky in October and plan to visit your store. I hope you don’t run out before then!!

  47. This is the best piece of my collection of pawn stars its too nice :D

  48. hi im from australia and would like to buy a coin and also the pawn stars key ring it says in ur ebay shop that u dont post to australia why is that i would really like to buy these 2 items

    • nick,
      we currently no longer offer overseas shipping. We were having some serious issues with customs offices not delivering packages.
      Thank you

  49. Will you all be selling more of these coins? I really want to buy one for my boyfriend.

  50. i like d show sir,
    i have a coin which IS {EAST INDIA COMPANY 1835} is noted d material used tungsten,
    i want to sell, conatct to email id

  51. Hello,

    I am from Romania ,I’m a huge fan of your show on Hystory ,will watch with great love.Keep up the good work.


  52. Hi guys big fan of the show love it watch it every night plus repeats. I live in Australia and i wanted a couple of the coins but unfortently you dont ship to here i was just wondering if there was anyway you could send them down to me? I am really interested in them and would but a great xmas presant for a few of my family members and friends. Thanks and hope everyone is doing well.

    • Jamie,
      We had some issues with customs not delivering packages. We are in the process of rectifying this situation with eBay, as soon as we do we will open international shipping back up.
      Thank you

  53. Hi there I would like a coin. But I am in Australia and the eBay site says you don’t ship to Australia. Please help. Will pay extra for shipping

    • Jamie,
      We had some issues with customs not delivering packages. We are in the process of rectifying this situation with eBay, as soon as we do we will open international shipping back up. Unfortunately I do not have a time estimate on it.

      Thank you

  54. Hi. Can you buy the coins in the store? I am coming to Las Vegas in 3 weeks and as you don’t ship to Australia was wondering if I could buy one there. Thanks.

  55. I would like to buy the first silver coin . one of 500???? And the 71 birthday silver coin?

  56. Love the show also here in Australia. Can I please be notified if any more become available as I would like to buy one for my wife for Christmas. Thanks

  57. I really need one of the old man’s coins for your biggest fan. Tha is all he wants for Christmas. Will you have any more any time soon?

    • Kymme,
      just go to and search for old man silver coin. You’ll see it.

      thank you

  58. Hi, how am I able to by a coin from the old mans 71st birthday. We are fans of the show and have been since it first aired here in Australia and are disappointed you don’t ship down under

    Cheers Ian

    • Ian,
      they are available in our eBay store.

  59. I’m coming to Vegas December 26-28 any chance I would be able to buy the Old Man coin there at the shop?

  60. Old Man, helo from serbia

  61. I love your show……I like the way you all use chumlee like a testing machine……………….it’s great fun watching you all!!!!!!!!!…I think , I am watching an old edition of pawn stars…in INDIA………but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Going to Vegas in September!! Looking forwards to picking something up at the shop. BTW, the old man isn’t fooling anyone with 71.

  63. Can i mail a stamp collection book in and sell it at your shop. I also want one of the old mans coins.

    • Mike,
      No, please do not mail us your items, we’ll have to send them right back to you. Legally, if you want to sell us something, you’ll need to be standing in the shop when you do it. Also, the old man coins are available online in our eBay store. Thank you

  64. Hello from Wisconsin! Love the show and I would love one of the Old Man coins. Are there going to be more available soon?

    • Tana,
      the old man coins are available in our eBay store.

  65. Hello from Brazil, me and my girlfriend loves your show, Rick Chum’s and the old man are so much funny, keep up the good work.

  66. Interested in purchasing the old man coin…are you sold out like it says at the eBay store?

  67. Will there be any more coins available?

  68. What is the difference between the original 500 old man’s personal coins to the ones for sale to the public? How many were produced for the public?

    • Melissa,
      The original 500 were a gift to the Old Man. He owns them and has not sold any. To date around 20,000 or so have been produced and sold to the public.

  69. Hi. My family (Wife Daughter and I) love the show! I have been going to garage sales, estate sales, etc. for many years, but your show is fun and educational. Father’s Day is coming up and I rarely get any acknowledgement. Today we were watching some of the shows, all 3 of us together, and I remembered the coin. I said I would love to have one for Father’s Day and a couple of light bulbs went off. Do you have any available that they can buy and possibly get by next week? I just one encapsulated. I think The Old Man is a cool character and I would be honored to have one of those coins. Also, please let me know if he ever sells any of the original 500. So cool! You should make coins for each of you! Thanks. Rob and Family

  70. I just bought an old mansilver coin numbered 0525, one of chumlees design. Are there any numbered coins in the teens? Particularly #0017??

    Thanks for all the entertainment!!!

  71. Are they selling the old man coins at the shop? I’m going there in August and wanted to get one.

  72. you should not make 2 many of the same coin or make different ones where they will have great value maybe omeday.. make one of it would fly off the shelves. 4 sure!!

  73. Do you have any of the coins left for sale?

  74. Hello
    How do I get one delivered to Australia?

    • John,
      you can go and purchase one through our eBay store.

      Thank you

  75. Hello, are there any more coins available? The ebay page says listing ended.

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