Get Your Chumlee Coin Here!

If you watched Pawn Stars last night, you no doubt got to see the new addition to the Gold & Silver Pawn silver coin collection.  Chumlee is now featured on his very own 1 troy silver ounce silver coin.  You can get yours today by clicking the “shop” tab at the top of the page!




  1. I tried ythe website to get a Chumlee coin and it did not work. I am interested in finding out how much one costs and how I get one .

    P.S Chumlee is the best!!!

    Thanks Shawn

  2. I love this coin! I would love to see the Best Friends Coin featuring Chumlee and Cory! Your the man Chumlee!

  3. How much?

  4. I for one think Rick is wrong id love to have a chum lee coin.
    Please let me know where I can get one.
    Thank you
    Morris Coker

  5. Hey chum i think u make da show really interesting i would like to have a coin of urs keep up your fun work and hope u get your Google

  6. This guy cracks me up! Love the new coin Chumlee!

  7. How can I order a Chumlee coin?

  8. Are you open to trades for a Chumlee coin?

    • Nothing for Veterans Day?

  9. Chumlee is awesome. Lighten up pops.

  10. Price please..

  11. I was wondering if your selling this items on ebay.

  12. Coin is not available for sale above

  13. Chumlee is a marketing genius. He is more in touch with what the people of the world want than any other employee at the shop. He also owes me 50 bucks for leaving him this gleaming review. Chum, send me one of those coins you had stamped of your dome and we are good on the cash 4 reviews tip.

  14. My husband and I love your show and get a kick out of Chumlee and the OLD MAN

  15. Rock on man! Cool coin Chum

  16. how do I get one of these were can I buy one

  17. I love the Chumlee coin and the Old Man coin – but thinking a coin with all four of you in a Mt. Rushmore type setting would be AWESOME!!!! Think about it :)!


  18. I was in pown shop your progran is very popular in my countrie, I fly to las vegas formto know yoou, but i dont look the stars, but for my was a great experience to be in the pawn shop

  19. How much for Chumley medalion

  20. $65 for the chum coin cmon guys it isnt fun to buy at that far above the price of silver dont you make enough money on everything else you cant give your viewers a decent price on show swag like this bummer guys

  21. Awsome

  22. I love Chum’s new coin. I’m going to buy a couple on payday and a couple of the Old man too.

  23. How much does your coin cost? You can tell Rick that people do like your coin

  24. Well since there are Old Man and Chumlee coins they should make Rick and Corey coins, make the whole set :-)

  25. Trying to find out how much the Chum coin is…

  26. I need one chumlee silver coin!

  27. Ok! Where in the hell on this site are Chumlee’s coins. People want to know, now!

    Went to ‘Shop/Swag/Coins’ and didn’t find it.

    Put a link up for Chumlee’s stuff… Pronto! Xmas is coming too soon. Hate that damn holiday.


  28. Man that’s hilarious! Hope you sell a ton of those stuff! I came by to check you guys out a few weeks ago from Washington DC but unfortunately none of you were there. But I did end up buying one of your mugs.

  29. How can I get two of these Chumlee coins? How Much?

  30. I want a Chum coin!! or two!!

  31. I will be getting one of these and one of the old man, I would love to see a big boss coin as well as a rick coin come soon cause that would be the coolest collection.

  32. Nice coin…ill buy one.. how much?

  33. Hi Chumlee, I saw the episode of you making the coin. I think your coin is way better than a Ben Franklin. I am going to buy one for sure. I would also suggest making a Rick and Big Hoss coins as well. Better yet, make a coin featuring all four of you like you did on the episode with the Mt Rushmore mural you had painted. Keep up the great ideas!!!

  34. Rick complained and tried to chew Chum out saying the coins wouldn’t sell. I bet they’re selling solely because of the Pawn Stars show. You know a bunch of people saw it and immediately thought they wanted one. I know I did. Too bad I’m poor. Sorry!

  35. Are they sold out?

  36. Ok, I’ll bite. It says get your Chumlee coin here and there’s no place “here” to order one. Did you have the government put your website together?

    I would have ordered if I could have ordered.

    Chumlee for president 2016!

  37. Would love to get a coin of Chum! My twin 12yr old boys and I always enjoy a full night of Pawn Stars no matter how many times we have seen it. Chum ya got a great disposition and attitude and always have fun and do great work. here at my work they always try and compare me to your looks and it runs over to the customers. I cannot see the resemblance but more than a few have very much commented on it. Thanks to all of you for the enjoyment

  38. Chum,

    You look like a young Ben Franklin on the coin!

  39. hello my name is carmine live in Italy and would like to know the price of silver and if you ever can I sell I will check it before so I can ship and then you pay me thank you if you can have a skype contact nella foto tieni na faccia di cazzo :)

  40. I see you didnt post my prior comment. You didnt need to post it, but you conveniently didnt email me either. Im asking again: Please email me regarding the deck of cards I saw you guys buy, on a recent episode. the deck of cards with the silent film stars. I want to buy it. you need to tell me how much. And you need to give a phone number that will get thru to the shop so I can do credit card payment over the phone. obviously with the success of the show, any published phone number gets nuissance phone calls, but Im asking you guys about a piece of merchandise. I cant buy it, if you just ignore these messages and dont email me!!!!!!

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