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Las Vegas is known as a mecca for world-class entertainers and a playground for the rich and famous, but many of the best-known celebrities are residents, not visitors, and one of the most famous of them all isn’t a singer or actor.  Pawn Stars star Rick Harrison owns a pawn shop on Las Vegas Boulevard.

George Knapp: “Is it still fun?”
Harrison: “Oh yeah. It’s a blast! I love it! I’m at a point in my life where, if I don’t like it, I don’t have to do it.”

Although Harrison is a bonafide tv star thanks to the runaway success of his reality series,  he is at heart still a pawnbroker; a grown-up version of the kid nicknamed spotter, who loved buying and selling stuff.

Harrison: “But I get a lot more weird stuff, I’ll tell you that.”
Knapp: “Like what?”
Harrison: “Ahh, everything.  Everything from like 200-year-old Japanese porn to — I have maps of the island of California. I bought a 200-year-old Viking bracelet once. It just never ends.”

It’s not every pawn shop that hangs original Picassos on its walls or paintings by other masters, but Gold and Silver Pawn is still a working pawn shop, dealing in coins and jewelry as any pawn dealer would, but tv fame has raised the bar.

Harrison: “I try to rotate it out. I got so much weird stuff. I mean, I’ve got Benny Binion’s hat over there.”
Knapp: “How much for that?”
Harrison: “I’m not selling it. I have a Samurai sword from 1493 over there. I have Super Bowl rings. I have Olympic medals. I have…”
Knapp: “Super Bowl rings you got from the athletes?

“Well, no no no. It’s from when I was in the Super Bowl, and I won,” Harrison said with a laugh.  “No, I literally get them from the athletes.”

Harrison is a history buff and sometimes would rather horde than sell.

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